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  1. Neeoray

    Chill kitty creates worlds on Twitch! =3

    Hello friends~ I started to stream my Art a month ago, got used to it and going to continue! I'm self-taught and independent, have plenty of projects to work on, and willing to share both the process and results. =3 Every follower and watcher is greatly appreciated, so feel free to join! =3  ●...
  2. BadRoy

    What's the Deal With Streaming?

    Just posted this as a Journal too. This is mostly me thinking out-loud, but let me know what you think. I've tried making streaming happen for a while, but it never sits right with me. I think It mostly boils down to my schedule. I work full-time and then come home and draw for half the night...
  3. AstroRey

    Art Streaming!

    Hello and welcome! My name is Astro and Im a multimedia free lancer artist :) Here is the link to my stream, so take a seat, and enjoy!
  4. driftingdragon

    300 slots free giveaway

    You heard it right, no bullshit or whatever, I literally need to fill all of these slots in some art asap! No strings attached, just follow and fill out then you can see your character in a huge portrait as soon as this weekend right here at twitch.tv/driftingdragon drop by for more information!
  5. driftingdragon

    Free Art: 100 free character slot raffle

    Come touch each other in this mosh pit by touching my heart on twitch! DriftingDragon - Twitch So jump in for more details! Once we reach 50 twitch followers then we're going to raffle off these slots for completely free to help me with drawing all these characters in this insane ass...
  6. Kinare

    Recommended/favorite art streamers?

    I'm personally looking for recommendations, but also curious in general who your favs are and why. For recommendations, I'm particularly wondering about live streamers here, not YouTube tutorials or something. I think just seeing an artist at work and being able to ask questions then get...
  7. Sinamuna

    Streaming soon! Come chill with me?

    If you like watching art being made, feel free to join my stream! I'd love to have more viewers! <3 Click here UPDATE: Thank you so much for all the new people coming in and talking and even some commissioning me and wanting to donate! It means so much to me when I get new watchers/followers...
  8. PercyD

    Content Creation as a Business [Business Nerds Unite!]

    So! I am with a new group called the Fireside Cooperative, a bunch of artists coming together to build a community and share resources. I saw this vid during my breakfast and I shared it with them over at our server. I wanted to share it here too since I was interested in hearing from a few...
  9. SheppardKiller

    Furry YouTuber decides to stream Open Hexagon 8/18/2019

    Come join me for a first ever stream after a long long time, sit back, relax, and watch me run endlessly through a seemingly limitless amount of polygons! Open Hexagon Live Stream - My Return - YouTube
  10. xchiseax

    (Commission) Selling: stream commissions available ($25-70)

    Going to be doing a stream later today around 2pm PST if anyone is interested in grabbing a commission. I also take out of stream commissions ( 24 hour and regular ) Stream: www.picarto.tv/chisea Prices start at $25 for sketch and icons. $35 for colored sketch Any rating Examples and more...
  11. SableSerpentess

    Buzz Buzz Stream

    Hello there, everyone. c: So I was hoping to help my boi get some more exposure on his Twitch account. He streams different games, but mains Path of Exile(POE). He's putting a lot of effort into his streams(consistency, interaction, aesthetic theme) and it would be awesome to have more people...
  12. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Considering Getting into Streaming

    I'm considering streaming videogames on Twitch, and wondered if anyone had any tips or advice for a novice streamer? I would probably be using OBS.
  13. HeartlessSora

    Stream self promotion!

    So! i thought as a young starting streammer , i could create a thread that can help other tiny streammers or big streammer! whenever you are streamming why dont you share it with us so we can help you out! so this way its easier finding people with similar tastes as you! let your link and the...
  14. Sinamuna

    Sin's Art Stream ONLINE

    (I hope this is an appropriate place to put this ^^; ) Come watch me stream some art! If you don't like what I draw, you can just listen to my music if you want. x3
  15. I

    streaming submission alternatives

    Would it be possible to create an alternate upload section specifically for users posting streaming submissions? With increasing frequency dozens of submissions a day being uploaded and taken down and more often than not, submissions advertising livestreams that stay up for days clogging up the...
  16. clawstarz

    Streaming Programs for Picarto?

    Recently I've updated my streaming program for Picarto (since I'm starting to use Picarto again). From Xsplit streaming program to StreamLabs OBS, however, whenever I stream from StreamLabs, the frame rate drops every second! I'm not sure if it's my wifi or my laptop tbh o_O Gladly appreciate...
  17. I

    Option for a streaming announcement instead of posting submissions

    Would it be possible to add an option that would allow users to send out a notification separate from submissions or journal notifications to cut down on dozens of deleted submissions or days to month old streaming posts? Possibly a notification page that isn't attached to the new submissions...
  18. CastielTsuki

    Streaming :3

    I'm streaming the full series of the walking dead! Come watch and relax <3
  19. SevenArms

    Anyone have a review for the Picarto Premium account?

    I would like to know if anyone have any opinion of the Premium account on Picarto. I'm streaming 4 days per week, and I was wondering if it's worth it to pay for an upgrade. Any opinions on it? Good? Bad? Meh?
  20. KushFox

    Twitch PS4 Streaming

    Hey, guys! Just letting you know that I will be streaming around 8pm (MTN - Arizona time) every night to every few nights! Come join this furtrash in streaming art and games! Come and give me something to talk about with you. No video for me, thanks, so make sure to interact with me by voice!