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  1. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Hiring: ($15+) Looking for fast commission

    Searching someone for a commission, I will only take one commission for this month. I need someone fast or who have free slots. propositions : - butt fetsih draw. I would like a draw with 2 of ocs, or 3 if you want. DM me for details. You can choose the ocs ...
  2. Abcxxx

    Macro/micro and little things rp

    Hello everyone. Just recently came here. I'm looking for someone with whom I could arrange a role-playing game. As the name suggests, the theme here is macro and micro + (I also like muscle growth, thick (and everything related to these), inflating, popping (without the blood of death). all...
  3. S

    [BLANK]: Exists Everyone[BLANK] Me: [BLANK]

    So as the Title says, something exists, everyone reacts and then there is your reaction. I'll start: Light-Theme: Exists Everyone: Me, a Light-Theme User:
  4. S


    As the Title says, you scream and you apparently need [BLANK] for whatever [REASON]. I'll start: AHHHHHH!!!!! I NEEEEED, TECHNOLOGY BECAUSE I'M A MODERN-MAN AND I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT A BLOODY COMPUTER. ok now its your shot.
  5. The Matte-Black Cat

    Do you have any Prized Possessions?

    Any furs on here that collect stuff or have some cool stuff around? I unintentionally collect video game stuff.. I'd have to say that my most prized possession is my Blue "Play It Loud" Gameboy. I live in the US and that color wasn't released here..I stumbled across one randomly on eBay and...
  6. Andifferous

    Art of Andifferous

    Hey everyone, figured I'd throw some of my art up here, because why not. So, I absolutely love the game Planet Coaster, so here's a picture I did of one of the game's Mascot Characters, Gulpee Rex: Here's a pic of my OCs/sorta-'sona, Lilly and Violet, having a disagreement over choice of...
  7. Umai Kitsune

    Art Dump (?)

    Probably not a whole lot in here but... Here's my page: Userpage of UmaiKitsune -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Started making my own bases for adopts, looking for review, advice or adopters! Having a little fun with digital art (only recently acquired an outlet (that's not mine ,RIP ))...
  8. Hatiblackwolf

    Free Furry ID Card

    Hey guys! So, I am making free furry ID cards. they are like driver's license cards but better. Here's what they look like: If you really want one all you have to do is to fill out the information above and I'll customize it for you! Just add Your City, State, and Country (if you want) Your...
  9. dogryme6

    So, you want to talk about Weird Stuff?

    Let's say you were someone who wanted to talk about their own weird fascinations on the FAF Forums... Where would be the best section to do it under? As soon as my question's answered, I'll be on my merry way and ask for this thread to be closed. Haaa, if only I knew how to do that too. Come to...
  10. S

    Games with Anthros

    Are you aware of any video games that feature anthropomorphic animals as the main characters? Please, do tell. If you can find a trailer to go with the name, that would be great too (Edit: Don't feel obliged to post a trailer link, though) My contribution: Ori and the Blind Forest. A 2014...
  11. Austin Silver

    Let's write a story.

    forums.furaffinity.net: Let's write a story!!! I'm bored.
  12. KushFox

    Any Arizona Furs?

    Hey, yo. I will be moving to the Scottsdale/Phoenix area in Arizona pretty soon and I was just wondering if there are any fun Furry related things to do in the area? I am down for Furmeets, Parties, Social Gatherings, Game Nights, Gaming in general, and Drinking. (Please, no freaky stuff...
  13. A

    New here!

    Hello, im rather new in FA. So, you see, after almost a year since i started drawing, i created an account and started taking comissions for free (still doing it) mostly macro stuff (thicc too :x). Ill leave my Fa account and some drawings i made here, Feel free to send me a pm if you want me...
  14. A

    A random comic

    Hello! Well, ive been just doing this thing for fun, also i wanna improve at doing comics and story telling. So, hope you like the first pages! I still havent figured out a title to it, it will come in a while i hope. So, there you have it! www.furaffinity.net: A random comic 1/? by ArtSpam
  15. Impulse-8

    MGS in a Fantasy setting?

    Does anyone know of a video game franchise I could get into that has gameplay, and perhaps also story, like the traditional Metal Gear Solid games (Not the "Acid" spin-offs), but in a Fantasy setting? And, I dunno, I guess Anthro characters in it, too?
  16. bhutrflai

    Random Thoughts & Ponderings

    Just wanted a place to put things that make you say hmm. Or wtf (in a good way). Not really for a laugh. Or to be dark. Just totally random stuff. Think Open Chat, but with memes.
  17. B

    Hangout? Dayton Ohio.

    Hello. My name is Balron, and I am an member of KY furs. I'm going to be hanging out with my wife in Dayton on Saturday, October 8. Do any furries live in the Dayton area that wouldn't mind hanging out? I'm going to be going to the Wilberforce area with my wife early in the morning and...
  18. Oerpink

    Art for Art Trade

    I was wondering if I could get art and give you art. if you give a full body ill give a full body if you give a badge ill give a badge and so on. the only thing is I don't want to give or receive potentially sexual stuff (aka no no-no parts plz, or nip nops. But fluffy boob lumps without nips...
  19. Samandriel Morningstar

    Samandriel's practice thread

    So I'm trying new stuff out. Any helpful suggestions/comments/etc. are welcome as are praise but please just don't say 'looking great!' or whatever and move on. I mean I appreciate praise but I'd rather have something to work from as well if that makes sense. I also don't like to look through...
  20. Samandriel Morningstar

    Open for free art requests.

    Yeah so I'm pretty bored,so I'm doing free art requests again. Please provide a clean ref sheet for the fursona you'd like me to draw,and please check my gallery so you know what sort of art I am comfortable drawing versus what I am not comfortable drawing. Art will be done in order and posted...