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  1. godinele

    (Commission) Selling: [NSFW/FETISH] Goshie’s commissions! (12$+)

    Hello friends! I’m currently selling commissions and YCH slots for vore-centric artwork. I specialize in vore, but I also draw stuffing and gore art, and can draw other fetishes (such as inflation, feet, bdsm, etc just ask!) as well as plain ol’ NSFW. I will also draw SFW art. My work is posted...
  2. Heyhoi

    SFW fat fur/ stuffing/inflation rp

    I'm looking for someone willing to fatten my male character up! PM me if interested! Looking to rp on discord, but FA dms is ok too!
  3. Tatsuo chan

    Seeking pokemon vore/inflation rp

    Konichiwa! I'm looking for a pokemon rp. Vore, inflation,stuffing/weight gain and growth are my main ideas right now but i can possibly do normal clean rp or gore too. I don't rp prey in vore but i can play any role in inflation and stuffing. I often incorporate some growth or weight gain in...
  4. alchemestris

    Seeking Discord RP Partners & Servers (18+ SFW/NSFW)

    i'm not really sure where to start!?! hi, i'm briar. i'm new to FAF, but not to FA or roleplay in general && i'm looking for groups && partners to RP with off-site, specifically on discord. despite my preferred lack of capitalization in this forum post, i'm a literate partner && prefer to write...
  5. Kidney Failure

    Looking for partners for belly expansion RP

    I'm looking for somebody to join me in a belly expansion themed roleplay. My fetishes include: Stuffing/overeating Pregnancy Anything that makes the belly bigger really Tight clothes/Clothes stretching Hyper bellies Belly play My turn-offs include: Bodily functions like flatulence or scat...
  6. Kidney Failure

    Anyone who's into stuffing and/or pregnancy want to RP?

    Hello, my name is Kidney Failure. I used to RP a lot on Tumblr, but since lately Tumblr has been, well, Tumblr, I came here. Only problem is that it seems like most of the people here who share my interests aren't into roleplay, so I'm asking if anyone else out there feels the same way and would...
  7. U

    Plushsuit questions

    I have really grandiose ideas for a plushsuit, but theres some things i can't wrap my head around? Is it really all one piece (sans head ofc)? How do you make the shape of the outside part? Is the inside suit part sewn to the outside part or is it all separated by stuffing? If so how do you...
  8. Skakuna

    Tail filled with... what?

    Beside of foam and stuffing used for making plushies... what else can be used as a filling for a tail? And be not very heavy at the same time?