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  1. RestrainedRaptor

    Main Site Are Custom Preview Images Ever Coming Back?

    If not, perhaps they should simply be removed from the upload process*. It would have made sense to do this in the last update. * When 'Artwork' is selected. I assume previews for other submission types are working as intended, but I don't upload music or stories.
  2. Senpaiithon

    Is there a character limit for submission descriptions?

    Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to post this, it seemed like the best option. I want to write a story based off some artwork I commissioned a bit ago, is there a character limit I need to know about? I would rather put the story in the description rather than it’s own separate...
  3. CYSYS8993

    Is it possible to put links to other submissions in the description box?

    I'm trying to upload webcomic pages but I want to make it convenient for others so that they don't have to go through the trouble of having to search for the next page. I already did this in DeviantArt where I provided a page directory, but how do I do this same thing in FA?
  4. AdenHTaylor

    Main Site Issue with updating a story file

    Hi, I recently posted a story on the site www.furaffinity.net: Everything’s Bigger in Texas - Chapter 1 by AdenHTaylor And later noticed some slight errors, so I went and corrected them in the original file. The problem is, when I tried to change the uploaded file to match the aforementioned...
  5. kaede_ishimora

    Main Site Fetish: Yes or no. Mandatory defining Submission.

    So, in a post I made in the discussion board about tagging. (Didn't post it here as it is already a suggestion) Source: "So, question.. Why advertise NSFW work under general audience?" It was more of a Discussion piece than an active query. I see people like myself who find it hard to peruse...
  6. J

    Abdl maid rp

    I’m Jax or jasmine I’m a female wolf into abdl, bondage and domestic servitude. I’m extremely submissive. I’m looking for a very dom fur or human to do a long term rp. Send any message or questions to Discord- ZJMT7098#5028 Telegram- bvb289698
  7. J

    abdl femboy pet rp

    im jasmine im a femboy fox looking to be a femboy diaper pet for someone. It can start as rp and maybe be more. if just rp I would like it to be a long-term rp. Any gender or species. Discord: ZJMT7098#5028
  8. TCthebird

    Main Site Adding Sheep to Species

    Heyo, this has been a long ongoing request over the years, and its been asked a bit and kinda discussed? But please, can we pretty please add Sheep to the species list? I'm not even asking Sheep and Ram, just Sheep please? We have Cows & Bovines Antelopes, Cows, Gazelle, Goat, Bovines(General) ...
  9. J

    NSFW Dom/sub rp

    Im a 21 submissive un collared small Femboy wolf looking for a long-term Dom/sub rp. Im bisexual and interested in most kinks and fetishes. AND if you looking for more then rp id be more then open to the idea after some time chatting and rp. message me at telegram- bvb289698 discord- ZJMT7098#5028
  10. balloonpup

    Main Site Error 524 on Submission

    Hey, there. Looks like I'm getting a 524 error via CloudFlare on trying to create a submission. It times out on the file upload step. The picture being uploaded is 1280 wide and under 450k. Ray ID: 5057051458aa5a5a • 2019-08-13 01:48:54 UTC for reference.
  11. StarvingFrappuccino

    Can't Submit Anything

    I have created a help ticket for this issue a few days ago, but I have not received any word back about it, which is the only reason I'm asking for help here. I have no idea if this is a problem on my computer specifically, or something related to the outage we had last week! Every time I try...
  12. White_Vixen_Rae

    disable favorites if a user didn't comment.

    To a degree I can understand, but i'm honestly a little tired of people favoriting my submissions without leaving a comment, does it look okay? where can I improve? What do you like about the picture in this submission? what do you not like? Did you like the description? Why or why not? did I...
  13. foxpawmcfly

    New FA Genders undid all my previous submissions

    Firstly, I'm very glad to see that FA has added more options to the submission categories. However, since most of my 1000+ submissions were labeled as "Transgender", and that option was removed and replaced with "Transgender (Male)" and "Transgender (Female)", now the vast majority of my...
  14. I

    streaming submission alternatives

    Would it be possible to create an alternate upload section specifically for users posting streaming submissions? With increasing frequency dozens of submissions a day being uploaded and taken down and more often than not, submissions advertising livestreams that stay up for days clogging up the...
  15. Arborath

    My Pet YCH (NSFW)

    Decided to get back onto Furaffinity after a couple years of being meh about it. So why not make it an ok comeback with a YCH sale? ;) Its a starting bid of $35 USD for the pet position and the quality of art and content goes up as the bids go up :) humanoid only right now. I may do more...
  16. I

    Option for a streaming announcement instead of posting submissions

    Would it be possible to add an option that would allow users to send out a notification separate from submissions or journal notifications to cut down on dozens of deleted submissions or days to month old streaming posts? Possibly a notification page that isn't attached to the new submissions...
  17. N

    Can't Change Submission File

    I made some modifications to two stories I wrote. I tried changing the submission files but every time I hit download it shows the old version.
  18. S

    Accidentally Uploaded the wrong photo! Help!!!

    I accidentally uploaded the wrong photo, and I don't know how to delete the photo or change it out. I've tried using the 'Manage My Submissions' option, but that only has 'Newer', 'Disable Titles', 'Select All', 'Invert Selection' and 'Older' as my options. If anyone knows how to either edit the...
  19. C

    Anyone can help me?

    I've been practicing my art since I've got here. My artwork seems fine, but people bearly notices it. Fewer page views and submission views. Is it my style or the things I draw? Thank you for reading this thread and he's my FA gallery if you're curious, interested or anything else, Here's my...
  20. CyberMark

    Suggestions: Small Things that make a great Difference

    I have been enjoying FA (an Im using the new theme template) for quiet a while but there are a few implementations that I think would make the experience so much better. Please have in mind that I am no mod, or a programmer, and I am totally not qualified to make accurate propositions and that...