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  1. idrawgayboys

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW YCH and Art commissions

    Currently doing a NSFW YCH auction https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46843108/ I'm also taking art commissions as well https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/10158487/
  2. J

    NSFW Dom/sub rp

    Im a 21 submissive un collared small Femboy wolf looking for a long-term Dom/sub rp. Im bisexual and interested in most kinks and fetishes. AND if you looking for more then rp id be more then open to the idea after some time chatting and rp. message me at telegram- bvb289698 discord- ZJMT7098#5028
  3. GrayMech

    medieval group RP [Discord]

    want to start a group RP on discord set in medieval times where i'm a sub bottom that gets used in the middle of a tavern by the patrons. few limits so try me inbox me for an invite looking for tops of all kinds but have a soft spot for fat, chunky and muscle guys no long story or anything...
  4. GrayMech

    [NSFW] looking for mature daddy type for m/m RP

    looking for someone to rp a mature daddy type character, ideally either fat or muscular (or a combination of them) I'm happy to rp as a human, werewolf or just my wolf character. (prefer being human) can RP on discord but also open to other platforms. willing to send pics of myself or my...
  5. ZeracVulcanWhiteDragon

    Looking for a romantic and dominant RP partner to play with a cute dragon [NSFW]

    Hi! I’m Zerac! I’m an 18 year old male dragon looking for a wonderful RP partner! I am interested in males and females as well as any Anthro~ I’m interested in all types of bodies (except for hyper/unrealistic body proportions.) Im a submissive dragon who enjoys doing whatever I can to make sure...
  6. P

    M M Filthy pet looking for kinky dirty dom

    hiys! I'm Lyton, a big fluffy wolf, I'm very submissive and would love to be made your filth slave . My favourite fetishes , I lover watersports, scat, vomit and the smell of sweat is such a big turn on! I love feral but am open to anthro and new ideas, I'll never force anything and am open to...
  7. P

    M/M RP (filth)

    Hiya! Im looking for a rp master who enjoys the filthier, smellier side of things, if your willing to take on a rp pet please message me or reply to the thread for further info, thanks, Pet Lyton
  8. W

    Submissive rp

    Hello there ^.^ I am kind of new to the furry fandom so let me please say: "Hi whats up :D " Anyway I am looking for someone to rp with :3 i am mostly dominant ^.^" so maybe someone sub? :) but anyone is welcome :D , i have quite some rp experience and dont mind rping most things :) hope some...
  9. GoatMystic

    NSFW YCH, dom and subs

    3 spots, 2 fem (one dom) male (sub), 10 bucks each according to the forum rules i must let you know this link leads to adult material! www.furaffinity.net: YCH - Dom plays with her "toys" by GoatMystic EDIT: The male slot has been taken flat colors of the one fulfilled male slot had been done...
  10. VenusErotica

    YCH: Sleepless [Subs/Pets/NSFW] Last Day!

    As stated, it's the last day to get your bid in on my YCH: Sleepless~ More details are on FA here.