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  1. quizzical

    Main Site FA Favs, an open-source extension for subscribing to favorites feeds

    Hi everyone! I'm sharing a small, free, open-source browser extension for Firefox and Chrome I developed to subscribe to the favorites of other users. The extension pulls favorites from a list of users that you've added, pooling all the favorites into a common feed and showing the new ones since...
  2. PercyD

    Content Creation as a Business [Business Nerds Unite!]

    So! I am with a new group called the Fireside Cooperative, a bunch of artists coming together to build a community and share resources. I saw this vid during my breakfast and I shared it with them over at our server. I wanted to share it here too since I was interested in hearing from a few...
  3. PercyD

    Artist Co-ops: What do you think are some good rewards for art subscriptions?

    So I'm considering starting a tier reward system on ko-fi (since it operates a bit differently then Patreon and I kinda like it). I also fielding around for people who'd be interested in sharing this account with me so we can provide some good content for our subscribers. However, I want some...
  4. Boxsona Official

    Boxsona's Holiday Edition Boxes are on sale now!

    Hey everyfur! Here is a collage of items available in our Boxsona Holiday Edition Boxes and Envelopes! We're like a Loot Crate for Furries! Find out more here! Boxsona Official You can buy a box or envelope here! Boxsona Official Boxes are $42.99 (USD) and Envelopes are $19.99 (USD) Order...
  5. Boxsona Official

    The Boxsona Store Has Launched! *Updated with Photos!*

    Hey everyone! The Boxsona Subscription Service Store has launched! What is Boxsona Subscription Service? "Boxsona is a subscription service that ships a box or envelope of furry goods directly to you. We ship at the start of every second month. Inside the boxes there will be an assortment of...
  6. Psy-mon

    Subscription Boxes?

    Hey everyone! My friend and I are thinking of starting a business; we're planning on making subscription boxes for furries! We're planning on doing this every second or third month so we can have high quality items. For those wondering, a subscription box is a service that you subscribe to to...
  7. N

    Furry mmos

    Know any good mmos and social games with furries aside from: Furcadia, Second Life, Elder Scrolls Online, Tera, Archeage, IMVU, World of warcraft, Wildstar, Final fantasy 11 and Final fantasy 14.