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  1. Lutro

    Main Site New "Contact Info - Social Media" Option: Mastodon

    EDIT: May want to use @username@domain which is what Mastodon uses (instead of @username@instance), but the placeholder names can be whatever makes the most sense. Given recent events over at the blue bird site, many are flocking over to Mastodon, a social media site that has existed for...
  2. se05239

    General Tagging Suggestions

    In terms of general search and tagging, FA ain't up there in quality. A lot of art gets lost to the void because the artist don't bother tagging their art pieces and having minimal to none descriptions.. so I just wanted to suggest a pair of things. Tag Suggestion Let users with accounts...
  3. R

    Main Site Suggestions

    A recommended tab similar to DeviantArt that has art and stories based on your favorites. When you click on a submission it shows you a few other things similar to it at the bottom. A filter option that allows you to hide submissions you've scrolled over or clicked on before. A way of sorting...
  4. A

    I want to introduce a vore wiki that I found

    Sorry about the self promotion, but I just want to introduce you people to the Swallowed Whole Wiki. It’s a Wiki where anyone can describe vore scenes all across different kinds of media. Unfortunately the Wiki is a bit corrupt with some unfinished pages, but if anyone is willing to help out...
  5. BecSon

    Filter/delay on new account posting

    Recently there is a spammer on fa using the browsing tab to spam graphic irl imagery AND linking to a discord which is not giving up, abusing the ability to INSTANTLY post without any verification of said imagery the best part is it takes mods several minutes because they are real people Why...
  6. Olexava

    Is it possible to create an age-gated 18+ section of the forums?

    I just read the post about "How to Properly Handle Adult Content" and it has me wondering if it is possible to make an age-gated section of the forums? I did a search of the forums and it didn't seem like there was a thread asking about this yet. So I thought that I might bring the subject up...
  7. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    projecting future draw : suggestions from you

    Heya I project to do a full lineup of few ocs from my 106 ocs. Here are ocs where I will do an nsfw draw. https://d.furaffinity.net/art/germanor123/1645559719/1645529237.germanor123_surendra.png...
  8. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    art future

    Well I plan to make 2 future draw projects on this art page. 1 - Ocs vore couples. From my planet, there will be not defined couples but there will be vore love couples. Here are actuals vore/nsfw couples (prey - pred) : Bazura - Thebes Pudarde - Surendra Ingram - Bjorgara Basileum -...
  9. ZanyRaptor

    HP OMEN vs Dell G5

    I'm trying to make a final decision on which desktop PC I should have. A family member is offering to get me a PC for my birthday, which is in a week. There's the HP OMEN 25L and the Dell G5. I want a PC that I can use to play/stream Minecraft & VRChat, as well as for video editing and VR...
  10. Ashwolves5

    Looking for Murder Mystery Movies to Watch (suggestions?)

    I really love murder mystery movies and want to watch more but having trouble finding some more since I've seen a lot of them. I really love the more recent stuff that came out like "Murder on the Orient Express" and "Knives Out' so if anything you know of that it similar to those I am looking for.
  11. Hikarty

    Suggestions on a new sona? (or tell me about yours!)

    I'm kind of wondering if I should make a new sona...I feel like the two characters I mostly draw here -one of them is my icon- are sort of like mascots maybe? like the main faces of my account? But none of them would really represent me. So I'm wondering about options and I'd love to hear any...
  12. MaverickHunterDBoy

    Main Site Scheduling Uploads

    I apologize in advance if someone had suggested it. But I was wondering... similar to Twitter, WordPress, and similar places, maybe FurAffinity should do some sort of "scheduled" uploading, so that people could be a bit more regular in their uploading. People could prepare in advance some...
  13. J

    Dealing With Change - A Question

    NOTE - Please excuse my somewhat vague wording on the following subject. This post deals with something I'm still trying to figure out, so I don't want to reveal a conclusion unless it's the right one. Thank you for your understanding. While we all have ways in which we view our existence...
  14. FurryGuardian816

    Court System

    I'd love to have this in place, because I'm tired of people abusing the block system. Blocking should be for more serious matters, like harassment and death threats, not for small things like unauthorized art submissions. I see way too many people abuse the system this way. One infraction of...
  15. FurryGuardian816

    Main Site OC Registry

    You know, it would be grand to have a page to see all the OC's made, who they belong to, and what guidelines they have. Like Ask the author, creative commons, etc. I'd love to know the guidelines firsthand, especially due to the heartaches I had in August 2019 (I'd explain, but, even though...
  16. FurryGuardian816

    Main Site Submission Navigator

    This would be nice to have, but FA needs to have next & previous buttons when viewing art, the way Deviantart does.
  17. kaede_ishimora

    So, question.. Why advertise NSFW work under general audience?

    I may get roasted alive for asking this. However, I must know why this is a common occurrence as I basically just do not understand it. I am a pretty clean guy (more so these days) and my goal in life is to create works for children to enjoy. So I am a pretty prude fellow. Though with my time...
  18. hfd4

    Unable to read comics in new design.

    In the new design there is no way to move to the next or previous submission. To read the comic you must open each page in a separate tab. Why not make the switch using the left/right arrows, just like on deviantart or weasyl. If you decide to make a copy of the deviantart, then please copy not...
  19. Awoos the Plush

    The favourites page interface sucks

    Since FA is redesigning it's website anyway, I have one little suggestion for an update: Change the interface of the "favourites" page on profiles. the current interface works really crappy, because: It isn't organised in pages like page #1 or page #2, instead the pages are sorted like 1 day...
  20. FurryGuardian816

    Main Site Groups

    This may be a bit far-fetched at the current time, but it would be grand to have groups on FurAffinity much like DeviantArt has. It would give users a foreground solution to discover art & artists as opposed to just using accounts & favorites.