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  1. -Praydeth-

    How long do reply restrictions restrictions last for most?

    I have had reply restrictions for nearly 12 hours now , THIS IS INSANE! I expected to be pretty bad but i did not expect them to be this bad. While i certainly agree i needed reply restrictions put on me i didn't expect them to last 12 dam hours. Also this happens to people who don't deservere...
  2. P

    Emulator OS suggestion?

    I have a computer, (An HP, that runs Windows 10) and it's not connecting to the internet. But that's not the case. Since it's got too many problems, (mostly due to the hardware) I'm thinking of replacing Windows 10, with a DIFFERENT operating system. One that does NOT require wi-fi, and runs...
  3. P

    Option to see from where Views come on FA

    I just had the idea that it would be pretty nice to have the option to see from where people access your profile/submissions on FA. It would show if people came there from the main site, the browse function, the search function or some external links. I think this would help to understand how...
  4. E

    Page sistem

    I have two questions (principally to the administrator Furaffinity) 1.- Have you considered use a optional scrolling page sistem at least in the Browser (with the preference selection of curse) Browsing Artwork -- Fur Affinity [dot] net like in devian art Browse Art - DeviantArt ? I ask...
  5. obakawaii

    FA Notes Shortening?

    Weird occurance with notes lately. Only showing the last 2 or 3 messages back and forth between customers. This is really throwing me off, as now I have to sift through several messages to compile information about my commissions, instead of it being in the single string of notes. I don't think...
  6. A

    Any comic recommendations?

    Looking for a good read, prefer to not have excessive smut and the like, but it's very welcome to be present in the material.
  7. MEDS

    Dislike Button

    So far, I've really liked the "like" button on posts, but recently I've had a hard time expressing my disapproval for some posts. There have been several recent situations where users could have simply "disliked" a post rather than expressing their entire opinion of the post and driving the...
  8. Storok

    Is there not a way to autokick/ban theese spambots

    There has to be a way to Auto-Remove Spambots! Because all spambots are using a simmilar way of appearing: →Korean/chineese/japaneese language →Repeating posts in theyr own thread →Every post contains a link If you would have a Bot that can find that out and remove the Spambots by removing...
  9. Elf-cat

    I found a really good eBook, what's your opinion on it?

    I found a really good eBook called Quantum Effect: Homano the Warrior on Kindle and I found it to be very fast paced, full of action, original and unique in the way that it's written. It has explosions, demons, a big giant purple crystal and my favorite character is the dragon spirit. The flaws...
  10. obakawaii

    Folders for Favorites

    Could this be a feature we see any time soon? I often use this feature on DA, as I can separate tutorials, inspirational art, gift art, etc. so I can easily come back to my favorites if I ever need them. However, here I often try to only favorite things I REALLY enjoy, because otherwise I could...
  11. M

    Adult Filter?

    There's a rule ( Keep the Forums Friendly Keep the forums friendly and open to everyone by keeping your posts to a PG-13 rating. ) But normally i don't think this get's followed. A filter could be added and (Depending on user's choice) they could classify it as child-friendly OR adult. This...
  12. P

    Cards Against Humanity Card Suggestions.

    Let's have some silly fun. Post what cards you would like to see in a furry related expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity down below. Remember to specify whether it's a question (black) or an answer (white) card. Add as many responses as you want. I want to see some creativity that will make...
  13. Dracowhale

    Favorites section ideas

    Feel bad making a second thread, but just some things i would like to see. 1) Folders for favorites, like how the gallery has folders now. Would allow better sorting. 2) "Remove deleted submissions" button. Maybe not auto, but something one or two click. 3) A way to view what was removed, at...
  14. Recursive Sweatpants

    Suggestions For Browsing and Categorization Improvements

    As it is, FA's browsing system is functional but not very convenient when it comes to being specific with what you want to see and what you want to filter out. While the search feature somewhat makes up for this, it lacks a lot of functionality such as being able to search for gender, category...
  15. Dracowhale

    Search Feature Request: Search Gender and Species Field

    You can use Search to read Titles, Filename and Keywords, but why not the Gender, Species or even the Category? (Ex: @Species Gorilla, @Title Part1, @Gender Group) Would also help if you search for 2 letter words. "Po" from Kung Fu Panda is currently unsearchable because of the limitations, as...