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  1. R

    Main Site Suggestions

    A recommended tab similar to DeviantArt that has art and stories based on your favorites. When you click on a submission it shows you a few other things similar to it at the bottom. A filter option that allows you to hide submissions you've scrolled over or clicked on before. A way of sorting...
  2. B

    Furry Zine Theme Ideas

    Hiya folks! I'm in the process of organizing a furry zine but I have no idea what to theme it after. If anyone here has some suggestions that'd be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I've made a server for it. There is no application process, so if something simple and fun interests you, feel free to...
  3. Cynicallia

    Finetune Friends/Watching/Specifics

    Hey, hey. I love my friends, but I'm not into everything they post, and I hate seeing notifications that I'm only going to delete without looking at or reading. (OCD, it kept me from even watching ANY of my friends at all for the longest time.) I think it would be great to choose the things I do...
  4. C

    (xpost) Does anyone have suggestions for cute, lightly sexual books/comics/etc with half-dragon women? [details in post]

    (Identical to post here, decided to put it here as well. Apologies if this is the wrong section of the forum for it. Since this section is specifically dedicated to writing, self plugs are absolutely fine.) Hi. So, I just made this account and a related one on FA itself. I admit a healthy...
  5. C

    Does anyone have suggestions for cute, lightly sexual books/comics/etc with half-dragon women? [details in post]

    Hi. So, I just made this account and a related one on FA itself. I admit a healthy amount of trepidation. I worry about whether others would find this (I feel like that is unlikely, I took precautions, but that only does so much to mollify me). I am, frankly, embarrassed by my desire for what I...
  6. M

    Name Change Implication?

    I'm sure the staff is well aware of this feature wanting to be added in Furaffinity by the community; so are we going to have feature be added somewhat by the end of this year or 2021? It would make social life a lot easier for the community. Here's how: - No more cluttery mess of accounts that...
  7. Arnak

    Renaming my Pegasus

    Hey guys, I'm looking for suggestions for a new name for my old Pegasus. His current name is Redwin "Redd" Hoofiestus Coal.
  8. Pessimism Jester

    How do you gain traction?

    I haven't had a Furaffinity long but I have posted some of my work. unfortunately I find it hard to get eyes on my art or my page in general. On Twitter I can use tags and on deviant art i can post in groups to boost views on my art and I was wondering if there was a similar function on...
  9. Foxy Emy

    What to do with my network drive?

    So, I set up a network drive for my home network. It is plugged directly into my router/modem combo. All that I am currently using it for is automated backups of my personal files. However, I feel there is something more I could do with it. Especially since my Smart TV seems to be able to...
  10. Bxb777

    Sketchbook: Pokemon Drawing Suggestions

    I'm currently drawing rule 63 pokemon as practice and just something I want to do when I have no art that is due. I currently did these so far, and I'm looking for some suggestions on some peeps on what I should do next uwu. (I messed up on the legs on the last one;^;.)
  11. Raever

    Hook me up with new anime(ish) artist links!

    I have a dilemma and could really use some help in solving it fellow art addicts. I have a few people I'll regularly commission due to their skill, politeness, reliability, and most of all - the style of art that they produce. I do enjoy other styles as well, but I'm a sucker for that detailed...
  12. FurryGuardian816

    Main Site A few suggestions

    User-suggested tags This is a feature that Inkbunny has and I think it'll help artists here on FA, too. User additions to the category list I think this would be a great addition. Of course, new additions would have to be reviewed by site staff to prevent spam. Share posts to Twitter Again...
  13. H-Falcon

    Help with a story/art and viewership?

    Hello. This is my first time posting here and if I'm doing something frowned upon please let me know and where I can go for some possible help and feedback. The major issue is regarding my GF's wonderful story, characters and art. I really think if people in the community here was more aware of...
  14. N

    Main Site Feature Suggestion: Submission "Advertisement" Section for Homepage

    Hello, Currently the submissions on the FA homepage are about 50% advertisements. I think it would be cool to have an "Advertisement" subsection that would contain any submission that contains text whose primary purpose is to advertise. Completed commissions and work done for clients would...
  15. Alrazvick

    Organizing Favorites.

    The only thing that I don’t like about Furaffinity is the inability to organize Favorites so that they are a lot easier to find. On DeviantArt you are able to do just that by creating folders and placing pics there. I would like to have something like that added to the site if it isn’t too much...
  16. Razrroth

    Please share soulful, hip-hop/rap songs

    This is going to be kind of specific, as I have a very limited interest in rap/hiphop music, but I'm trying to extend the scope of songs I know and like. My fiance loves rap, so I try to find tolerable music I can listen to with him. c: I'm not looking for hateful*, distasteful, gore/murder...
  17. Jiccs

    Anyone have unusual ideas for sonas?

    I made another "unique ideas" type thread to get some ideas for the race I'm about to make. A fox/pine marten race is pretty different by itself but I can't help but add something magical to set it apart from others. So, if ANYONE has or has even seen something they thought was cool (take...
  18. MetroFox2

    Hit Me 2, Kinetic Boogaloo (One Word Story Suggestions)

    So, this is a thing I did going on two years ago now. I quite enjoyed it then, and the stories that came out of it were better than I was expecting. So, since my story output has been abysmal lately, I'm going to give this another bash. And this time, I invite others to join in on it too. So...
  19. Vega Rose

    Exploring kinks in writing - story suggestions?

    DEC 4 UPDATE: I have finished my NaNoWriMo vignettes. See my most recent post! Hey everyone! So, with two days left in November, I'm finding myself at a lack of stories to post. My goal was to post one 1,000 word story for every day in November for NaNoWriMo, which I've for the most part been...
  20. Marcl

    Play a song to a fur above

    I know we have a thread regarding theme songs, but this time I have something a bit different in mind. Play a song to a person directly above your post. Maybe you know their favourite song and want to play it. Maybe you know what kind of stuff they like and have a suggestion. Perhaps you know...