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  1. ab-9595

    Hiring: ($50+) LF Artist to draw Trumbeak

    Hello folks. I'm searching for any artists who might be interested in drawing my Trumbeak pokesona. I'm looking to get a SFW (but very suggestive) image of him, with a little bit of humor in it too. Will discuss further details with the artist. My budget can be anywhere from $50-$100 for this...
  2. Hibeau

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Open Bondage YCH (Mature) (30$)

    Everything to do with the YCH is listed in the images description. It's nothing extremely hard-core, just a cute, open YCH:) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39000915/
  3. wumblebum

    WIP - Corgi Butt (semi-nsfw)

    It started out as a bit of a joke, because I love corgis and there's that joke going around about their cute butts. u_u I'm still trying to think of a name for this new OC before I colour him. Any suggestions? LINK - (it's suggestive so just being safe!)
  4. glimglamorous

    Starlight Glimmer RP! (SFW & NSFW!)

    Hey there, new here! I'm a refugee from tumblr's purge on nsfw material so I've brought my fav pony muse Starlight (mlp: fim) here to see how things are! People seem friendly and open and there's less hate and it's far more professionally managed from what I've seen so far. Anyways, I'd love...
  5. D


    Hey does anybody on here do humanoid and anthro nsfw/suggestive commissions? Nothing too terribly expensive, please, as I no longer have a fixed income. It would involve these characters (not together!!!!) fav.me: I Have A Pistol Party And I Kill Them All -- Ref Linden fav.me: #2 - Copper Gear...
  6. Cranberry

    Cranberry's gallery topic (free sketches from time to time).

    This is the topic, in which I'd like to share work in progress or done pictures. Im new to anthro, so I need a lot of work to practice things I would love to learn. I'll draw mostly anthro in suggestive or NSFW. After I draw few examples of my work, I'm gonna open commissions. In the meantime Im...
  7. Daniel_Tresek

    On the hunt for a few pictures, two or three (400 per picture limit)

    Not downright NSFW, but suggestive content, and scenario's that leave little to the imagination. I have three concepts in mind, ranging from standard to complex. All are solo shots of Daniel, the bird in my thumbnail. I do have one reference shot for him, But it was created in JasonaFex's...