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  1. R

    Superhero RP?

    Hello! I am looking for some superhero RPs lately. Male or female, bonus points if your character has elasticity/size changing powers like mine! Just send me a message, hope to find people interested!
  2. W

    New here! I’m a big guy lookin’ for a literate/semi literate partner!!

    Heroes have been around for ages, and so from the ashes of the fallen men and women of justice... there rises a question. What does “good” really mean? ...The universe is only as good as the most vile being hiding out in the woodworks of space and time, and interplanetary leaders were quick...
  3. E

    What happened to Eggplantman and his Zodiac comic?

    Some of you may remember the furry web comic Zodiac by John Mann, a.k.a. Eggplantman. It was about a team of furry superheroes. Userpage of Eggplantman -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Eggplantm on DeviantArt I enjoyed it immensely, especially the character Taurus and her "ugly duckling" story...
  4. V

    The Umbrella Academy Thread

    This is the thread we can talk about The Umbrella Academy that is available on Netflix. It's a superhero Netflix Original that's based on the comics made by Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. Here are a few questions: 1. Who is your favourite character and why are they your favourite? 2...
  5. Matt the Terrier

    Krypto the Superdog memories/discussion

    Anybody here remember Superdog when it was still a thing? If not or you've never heard of it, I'll post a link to the wikia (and would recommend spending a few minutes on Dailymotion, looking for the episodes if they're still up): krypto.wikia.com: Krypto the Superdog Wiki I just wanted to talk...
  6. C

    Superhero roleplay! looking for partners to discuss possible ideas [adventure][action]

    so ive had this idea that is kinda based on the wonder woman movie, but its only in one aspect. the basi idea i have is that like in wonder woman a more modern society, the good side, or the bad side, or simple some other superhero (any of these could be you) and they stumble upon my character...
  7. C

    You find a Roman "superhero" doggo. RP [Wonder woman inspired] (details in post)

    so i watched wonderwoman a few months ago and thinking back on it, having a premise along the same lines would be a fun rp to play out. thats just the framework of the idea, we'll have to fill in some more blanks before starting. im pretty open minded about what we want to include, like the...
  8. Scotty

    Ray Fox Action/Adventure webcomic (Chapter 2 finished!)

    I have an action/adventure furry comic called Ray Fox that I'd like to share. Been updating it since 2015 off and on but finally got around to starting chapter 2. If you're interested, check it out! Ray Fox the Comic -------------------------------------------------- Update! 5/6/18...
  9. Notkastar

    If you could have any superpower, What would it be and how would you use it?

    The power to rewind time like in 'Life is Strange' looks fun to play with =) (Paradox free and free of doom theory of course =) As for what I would do with it ─‿─) I'm gonna be honest I would totally abuse my power to ether: Look smooth as hell with stuns I can redo till I get it right, rewind...
  10. Remedy Husky

    HUUUGE Greetings!!

    Enough lurking already. I finally took the plunge and created a FA account of my own! So, here goes my intro... The name here is Remedy. I'm an anthro husky that's got the macro and muscle growth things goin' on. You may find me on Champions Online moonlighting as a superhero. :p This is mostly...
  11. Emerald_raven

    Superhero ideas

    Hi there :) recently i did totally random for me OC of furry superhero ( well i did watched 3 superhero movies this year , and you know what they are :) ) and somehow think i must maybe or add something to him , or make another one , just to calm down my damn itch :D Any ideas ? (thats...
  12. Parafrosyni

    Marvel: Team Cap or Team Iron Man??

    Why are my fellow furries cheering for? Tell me your opinions! If there are spoilers, please remember to label them!