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  1. Barclay-KR

    Parallels. My first first-person narr

    First thing off the bat, I’m nervous when it comes to speaking about stuff I like. But I’m learning the confidence. I’m new to this forum and I would like to put my first post about my story Parallels. This is a first person narrative I started this past fall semester in college. It’s about...
  2. R

    Critique for a (NSFW) visual novel script

    So I'm working on a script for a furry visual novel and I'm looking for feedback on my first draft. The story is about a repressed college student who accidentally awakens a meso-american god of sexuality. It's very "I Dream of Genie," but with furries and sexual misadventure :3 My main...
  3. Ashke

    Secret World Legends

    The Lovecraftian MMO The Secret World recently went free to play and became Secret World Legends. Since then, a lot of my RP friends have stopped playing it. Any fans of it around that RP? I really want to get back into it but being on my own hasn't been the greatest.
  4. ilexdusk


    HUGEEEE... supernatural fan.. as in I have the tattoo of the anti-possession on my chest like the Winchesters. NO SHAME. Going to the Convention in Toronto this year as well. Anyone else a die hard SPN fan?
  5. Voodooracer84

    Artist for hire: Vampiric lust of the Supernatural

    I'm looking for an artist to draw this vampire porn comic called Vampiric Lust of the Supernatural. Each page of this comic will be made on a weekly basis and it is also meant to be an answer to Palcomix's Vampires of the Night series. If you would like to draw this comic, please let me know...