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  1. Zehlua

    Sell me some fursuit care supplies!

    I'm looking to buy the best short and long fur brushes, as well as a spray bottle for my disinfectant. Also, where can I buy the best brown furs?
  2. Mariah

    Custom Faux Furs?

    I am looking for a certain color of shag fur that just..... Doesn't seem to exist. Does anyone know of any websites that make custom furs? I've already contacted fabricempire, waiting to hear back from them for a quote. I also know that fursuitsupplies does custom furs but their policies on it...
  3. TURSO workshop

    Fursuit Parts & Supplies

    Greetings! We're a two-person team working on fursuit parts and supplies. Both of us has been working on personal fursuits for some years, and we'd now happily share our expertise with the rest of the fandom! Need some resin eyes? Silicone parts? Does your project need a custom part modeled...