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  1. anonfoxer

    Survey Follow up/Results - We're all pretty queer.

    Heya! A while back I posted a survey on the forums, a quick little look into furries to answer the question, are furries all really gay? Well, here are the results, 116 responses later. The answer to the big question? Well, we're almost all certainly queer. Lets break down the gender...
  2. ScarClaw

    Survey - The Structure of the Fandom

    I'm doing a survey to study how the fandom is structured and organized. I plan on using this data to help with a theory I am working on. It will also be used to understand the history being created with each passing day in the fandom. I've been interested in furry history for years, making...
  3. Ziggy Schlacht

    Survey - Orientation and Species

    I like interesting data with no practical use, so I'm collecting some. Linked below is a quiz asking your fursona's species, gender, and orientation. I want to know if there's any manner of correlation. So I need responses. Please fill out the form below, should take you a couple minutes at...
  4. CyberMark

    Why do some people like Vore?

    I have investigated a bit a bout Vore culture trying to understand it from an outsiders perspective. I have had some conversation with people who like even though I personally find it gross, but its just such an interesting topic psychologically wise. Here is what I have gathered: People with...
  5. L

    Furry Survey

    Hello all! I was interested in getting to know the fandom deeper, so I made a survey! It has around 260 or so respondents already, and the results are quite interesting so far! Anyways, here is the survey! I appreciate all who participate! :3 docs.google.com: Furry Statistics Review 2019
  6. jellyjamfish

    help me with a survey?

    For my class, we have to pick any community and do research on them. I chose the furry community because I feel like it's a community that is often stigmatized and this way I can educate myself and others more about the community. Thank you if you choose to participate :) www.surveymonkey.com...
  7. Twiphase3468

    Quick Survey: what should I make next?

    Ever since spring 2018 (honestly forgot which month exactly I've doing it ^^u), I have been making mostly OTAs and sometimes occasionally a couple of YCHs. Most of these are SFW. Below are my art examples, including my old sketches I made when I was an amateur : Artwork Gallery for Twiphase3468...
  8. Jasper_Shiba

    Survey Regarding the Psychology of Fursuiting

    Good day! My name is Jasper, and I'm a psychology major at Truman State University. I'm currently working on a research project regarding a topic of my choosing - the psychology of fursuiting. This was borne from one thing: fursuiters, like it or not, are the face of our fandom. Be it through...
  9. Moses S

    Furry Research - Participants Needed

    Hey Everyone My name is Moses Simpson and I'm a Masters student from the University of Waikato, in New Zealand and I'm looking to get some participants for our research into the mental health and protective factors of the furry community. I thought I would share my research poster/link here...
  10. FurryAnthropologist

    Does anyone mind answering some questions?

    Hi everybody - I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but it seemed the most suited. I'm very, very new to the furry fandom, and only have recently started to get involved; I had heard about the furry fandom a few years ago and it sort of piqued my interest but I was never really drawn...
  11. Alyzro

    Want to take a Sociology Survey aimed at furries for me?

    Hi! anyone want take a survey for my sociology class for me?
  12. CCritt93

    Furry Card Sharks surveys

    Sultz Z. Wolf and I are exploring the idea of adapting TV’s Card Sharks for play at a furry convention sometime in the future. For those not familiar with the show, a key element of the game is the players’ predictions of how many of the 100 members of a survey group gave a particular answer to...
  13. A

    Who/what are you attracted to?

    So I'm intrigued by statistics that show furries are far less likely than average to be straight. I'm kind of curious as to what other furries are specifically attracted to, as labels are sort of broad, in terms of either humans or anthropomorphic animals. Personally I'm bi, but I'm mostly...