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  1. Amepix Will Win

    Subnautica Survival RP Databank

    Here is where we'll store all the information we've gathered thus far. Will update as the rp goes along and we discover new things. You shouldn't comment on here as this is solely for information that I'll provide to you as if it's the Databank of your PDA. Enjoy the browsing. Done reading the...
  2. Amepix Will Win

    Subnautica Survival RP

    Attention! Hull failure imminent! All personal abandon ship! You hear this as you enter the life pod, evacuating from the Aurora as it was rapidly approving the planet. You manage to sit down in the seat before pressing the launch button as it secures you, preventing you from experiencing any...
  3. F

    Any Minecraft furry servers?

    I found a good deal on wifi, and laptops with shockingly low prices... I still have a Minecraft account, but I haven't played since the End City and elytra update. I'm looking for a furry server - I prefer survival or roleplay. Leave the address so I can copy and paste it, along with some info...
  4. Kinare

    Ark Genesis, anyone wanna play together?

    I have my own server and am looking for people to play with me. I am not looking for another server. I am also not recruiting for my server in general, it is whitelist only and closed to the public. This game is so much more fun with nice folks to play with, but unfortunately all of my friends...
  5. Vexerium

    1.13.2 Minecraft Server - Furry Friendly - Custom Survival

    Heya! We're a pretty chill Minecraft server community, and while we may not be a soley furry server, we are very accepting and inviting to all furries (the owner is a furry)! We host weekly, and bi-weekly events with fun giveaways, discord calls, and overall fun! All are welcome to join us, just...
  6. Ghost Car Hunter


    -CLOSED- All the disappearances,legends,myths and odd occurrences have gone on too long here in the small dense forested town of Opal but now, with cash in hand a rich man of unknown origin offers you and your friends forty thousand dollars to those who return with information from inside the...
  7. ChromaticRabbit

    Survivor Goats!

    Well, these two have had an exciting week there in the San Francisco North Bay region when fire started raining out of the sky in that seemingly extradimensional act. Once again, goats are good role models and they don't mess around; when things get real, their minds move and their tails scurry.
  8. FableElwood

    Looking for a long term m/m roleplay partner. (Or at least a test rp for one.)

    Heya guys! As the title would suggest, i'm in the search for a roleplay partner that would be willing to perform long-term dating rps with my fursona, Fable. Im primarily looking for somebody who likes to be the dominent role in relationship, and somebody who can top in bed for possible nsfw...
  9. Corrupt-Canine

    The Nightmare Scenario

    I was thinking of what some nightmare scenarios I could think of. From what I've seen in different forms of entertainment and from a few dreams, I guessed up one. A character is kidnapped from their world by some supernatural means and knocked out by their captors with gas. They wake up in a...
  10. Corrupt-Canine

    To get one wish (Action, adventure, survival RP)

    (To make this work, this RP moves quickly from scene to scene, setting to setting. So you need to be fairly quick just enough to stay in flow with this.) To put things simply, your character is on a journey to get one wish from The Wishmaster, but the task can cost them their lives. They'll...
  11. dollon

    Furry Storry driven survival Game.

    Hey everfuy ^~^, today i decided to share our progress of our survival game with you all(mainly work in progress models). Humvee Ar15 Fiveseven More info about the actual project can be found on our Patreon DualGM is creating Games | Patreon Any questions feel free to comment ^^.