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  1. fanaticCG

    Attention, prize drawing!

    Greetings to all furry lovers! Even though I'm still a newbie here, I'm already glad to announce the first prize! Winner award I will draw your character for free. Art can be swf and nswf. Any pose, any angle, any gender (even hermofradite, even trance)! The character is only in solo...
  2. DeadSpaceBro

    Hiring: Hiring an Artist for NSFW / SWF (Elder Scrolls / Khajiit), Price Range $30 - $150+ (CLOSED)

    First off, if you're an artist coming into this thread- THANK YOU for stopping by to read this. I appreciate each and every one of you guys. <3 Second time making a thread like this, so if it's not exactly organized or perfect, I apologize in advance. If you have any questions for me, please...
  3. Moogie69

    Need a headshot/icon, will write you a short story

    Hello all you lovely beautiful talented artists! I'm in need of a proper profile image to replace this terrible rando-generated cat pic. I write all sorts of SFW and NSFW so pretty much whatever you'd like, I've got you covered. I'm thinking a nice profile image would be a simple headshot...
  4. Astaroshe

    Commissions Open. SFW and NSFW

    Hello. Want to offer my services here. Also can help you to create a new character, working with piece of art, text description Headshots/Portraits Price: USD 15.00 - 25.00 HalfBody Price: USD 25.00 - 35.00 Fullbody Price: USD 40.00 - 50.00 Commission info: Commission Info for...
  5. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    art trade special holiday

    Art trade was open but I will try to do my best you can in this first slot : byzance123.deviantart.com: OC list ( WIP ) art trade I will try to draw anythings for you. rules : - draw 2 ocs minimum to draw, I will draw 2 ocs minimum too - used ocs can't be re-used - a little moderate artists...
  6. S.D.O.S.

    Commission (Selling)

    Hi, During October I will be available for commissions, price range 50 to 100 USD, any kind/creature/style and type. If interested just contact me via prvt msg, thank you. Sample of a commission: