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  1. Yakamaru

    Hiring: ($100+) (CLOSED) Looking for someone to animate a short Synthwave piece

    Hello. It's no surprise I commission all kinds of stuff and now I am looking for a short animation of my Fursona. I have no idea how the rates and the like are for animations so I set the price at $100 as a kind of minimum? I am open to negotiations and the $100 is kind of just a formality. I'm...
  2. Astrionix

    Looking for VAs for animation series (CLOSED AS OF NOW)

    Hello! I'm looking for any voice actors out there willing to voice major or minor/background characters in an animation series I plan on doing. Info is below. Just so that you are aware, I won't be able to give any payment for the next few months, so if you want to do it for free that'll be OK...
  3. Astrionix

    Looking for 80s-themed Discord server(s)

    I'm trying to look for any furry servers where they talk about 1980s stuff and pop culture and synthwave too. This is optional, but it would be cool if they also talked about cassette futurism or other types of retro futurism.
  4. S

    i do post music from youtube

    i do post music from youtube that people could enjoy
  5. S

    Hello I'm ronnie

    Hi I'm Ronnie not new to the fandom but I not well known I'm single I like femboys and females. I'm a guy anyway I post art on furaffinity and I like to listen to YouTube music mostly snythwave, chills, smoothing music or game music
  6. R

    Do you use loops? Asking music production software users

    For example, in GarageBand there's a section of prerecorded audio tracks, melodies, beats you can use . It almost seems like cheating, they sound really good but it feels like not writing your own music. Just asking for an opinion, I'm new to this stuff.
  7. Yakamaru

    Synthwave and Retro wave-style music appreciation thread!

    Topic name says it all. Anyone on the forum a fan of this sort of music? Feel free to post some good shit! Time to start the thread off with two mixes: