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  1. M

    Furry T shirt Commissions OPEN!

    www.deviantart.com: Furry T shirt Commissions! OPEN Hi all! Since summer is here and there are many cons and meets happening and coming up I've decided to create T-shirts with your fursona's head on them! Many sizes and colors are available! Prices range from 45USD-50USD depending on the...
  2. Mythic

    Working on a T-shirt design! Gimme feedback

    Me and my partner are making a bunch of new things for our online shop. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give us some feedback! Below is our first design! Its going to be printed on a tie dye shirt. We are still thinking about what we wanted the shirt to say, but I think it'll...
  3. sparklevoid

    ISO anthrocon 2000 t-shirt

    (im not sure where to put a thread like this so im putting it in the general discussion section) im looking for one of the official con t-shirts from anthrocon 2000, because im a sucker for cool retro merch and i was also born that year so it would be extra neat to have. i dont really care what...
  4. TheKC

    Online Printed t-Shirts?

    So we just got a t-shirt printed at a local printing shop and it came out bad. The colors are muted and parts of the art came out black where it shouldn't be. What I think happened was the vector program glitched. I see this in my own vector art all the time. But still the colors were muted. We...
  5. jinja

    Custom T-Shirt Commissions! (5 slots)

    Hey guys! So a while back someone had asked me if I was able to do a custom t-shirt commission since I sell tees on my online shop. I did one for them and they loved the turn out so Im deciding to do a few more if anyones interested! Style one: $45 (+$8 for international comms) This style is...