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  1. W

    Main Site Any recommended tagging guidelines?

    I'm trying to post something for a friend of mine, I've read alot about how tagging is very important, but I don't know if there's such a thing as over tagging on here.
  2. Moar Krabs

    Tag random people

    As the title says, tag random people! I’ll go first @Ravofox
  3. Felix Bernard

    Random act of kindness! a c

    Tag any furry and say you love them and every second of their life is worth living!
  4. Offline_user

    Enhanced search functionality

    Currently on FA, Search doesn't have options or check for things listed under "Submission Information" (ie the stuff from Browse: Category, Species, Gender, or Type [well, it does have a simplified version of this] ) I suggest adding these (at the very least, Species and Gender) to what search...
  5. Roxxas

    Tagging TG

    noticed a .. flood of TG art lately and a lot of it with the wrong theme or tags. (M m to F sequences only being tagged as TG for some of the more transformative parts rather then all of it. if gender changes then TG not the 'new gender' can .. something be to address this issue please?
  6. Valisha

    Urban Punk Tags For $15. (5 Slots Open)

    Some Urban, Punk, and Grunge tags for sale. They are different from the regular colorful one and adds a sense of graffiti and the life of the not so mainstream city. My style is to give light to it and make it more known. An example has been attached. I am willing to do both feral and anthro...
  7. Tattle


    hi, i'm tattle. i'm n-- oh, what, you already know that i'm new? how'd you find out? is it because i'm posting in this board? aren't you smart. heugheugh, ok. in all seriousness. i am not only new to this forum but i am fairly new to being involved with the furry community. i have considered...
  8. TheOnePandemonium

    Tagging your art? Help a newb!

    Hello there FA community. I must say I am totally new to this site, although I've known its name since... well, years now. I've always mixed animals and humans in my art and many people asked me "if i was on FurAffinity" and got fed up of answering 'no', so here I am sniffing some more. Thing...