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  1. Lorel

    Main Site Mature tagging for fetish art?

    I've been wondering for a while why numerous types of fetish art are allowed outside the mature/NSFW FA view. I mean.. the very definition of SFW is "I could open the site at my workplace without getting into trouble". So shouldn't all fetish art then be at least mature? Hyper, fatfur...
  2. kaede_ishimora

    Main Site Fetish: Yes or no. Mandatory defining Submission.

    So, in a post I made in the discussion board about tagging. (Didn't post it here as it is already a suggestion) Source: "So, question.. Why advertise NSFW work under general audience?" It was more of a Discussion piece than an active query. I see people like myself who find it hard to peruse...
  3. W

    Main Site Any recommended tagging guidelines?

    I'm trying to post something for a friend of mine, I've read alot about how tagging is very important, but I don't know if there's such a thing as over tagging on here.
  4. Liana

    Critique: Tag help? Please?

    I'm not really looking for art critique right now. I know I could be better, but I'm just trying to post something before I second-guess myself out of it. And I'm not very familiar with this community, and tagging has always been a matter of blindly guessing for me. This is what I'm working...
  5. Ciderfine

    Do you tag?

    I've been noticing a lot of people not tagging their works, I know that's a silly OCD thing to worry about but how can people find certain things if you don't bother to tag it properly or at all. I dunno, what's your take, yall bother to tag what you make or not? It is important to categorize...
  6. Asylum_Rhapsody

    Are there any Keyword / Tagging guides?

    I'm new and recently made my first submission to FA, but when it came to tagging it with keywords, I wasn't quite sure what was appropriate. I tagged it with a few simple keywords, but I was wondering if there were any guidelines somewhere for how submissions should be keyworded. I searched...
  7. Tattle


    hi, i'm tattle. i'm n-- oh, what, you already know that i'm new? how'd you find out? is it because i'm posting in this board? aren't you smart. heugheugh, ok. in all seriousness. i am not only new to this forum but i am fairly new to being involved with the furry community. i have considered...
  8. TheKC

    FaceBook Tagging...

    So the past year. I did one of those things where FB takes photos from your time line and makes it into this fun video of your year. I found some pictures that were not related to me. I looked into it and found that my mom has been tagging me in most of the photos she posts. After spending some...
  9. TheOnePandemonium

    Tagging your art? Help a newb!

    Hello there FA community. I must say I am totally new to this site, although I've known its name since... well, years now. I've always mixed animals and humans in my art and many people asked me "if i was on FurAffinity" and got fed up of answering 'no', so here I am sniffing some more. Thing...