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  1. se05239

    General Tagging Suggestions

    In terms of general search and tagging, FA ain't up there in quality. A lot of art gets lost to the void because the artist don't bother tagging their art pieces and having minimal to none descriptions.. so I just wanted to suggest a pair of things. Tag Suggestion Let users with accounts...
  2. emmydook

    Main Site How to find what the most searched for term is on the site?

    I'm mostly curious what the most searched-for term is on Fur Affinity. I have my own personal guessed, but I was wondering if there is an official way to find out the definitive answer. Any help would be appreciated!^^
  3. Z

    How to block tags?

    Hello, im new here. I dont like some tags and i can't find tag blacklist option. It might be in setting but i can't find it. Is it possible and where i can find it? My english is bad sry(
  4. FurryGuardian816

    Main Site A few suggestions

    User-suggested tags This is a feature that Inkbunny has and I think it'll help artists here on FA, too. User additions to the category list I think this would be a great addition. Of course, new additions would have to be reviewed by site staff to prevent spam. Share posts to Twitter Again...
  5. Liana

    Critique: Tag help? Please?

    I'm not really looking for art critique right now. I know I could be better, but I'm just trying to post something before I second-guess myself out of it. And I'm not very familiar with this community, and tagging has always been a matter of blindly guessing for me. This is what I'm working...
  6. TheFoxFreedom

    Any discord servers open to invite me?

    So, i want to meet new peaple and join new servers. If you want you can invite me, it can be sfw or nsfw. Thanks for your time :)
  7. Ciderfine

    Search engine issues?

    Is anyone having issues trying to find certain things using the sites search engine feature? I search for something using the term "gay" and get a lot of adult M/F stuff oddly enough. I search for animation and I get things that arent even animated showing up as search results. I think the...
  8. connortheskunk

    Squad knows I'm a furry now

    Here's a success story that happened to me last night and I'm really glad things worked out the way they did. Also keep in mind we were eating dinner and conversation was pretty fast-paced. >Eating dinner with the squad: 3 girls and 3 other guys; 3 of whom are straight , 2 gay and 1 other bi...
  9. Austin Silver

    Card Throwing

    Hello everyone, I have been throwing standard playing cards for about three years now. I must say it is fun to annoy people, give them paper cuts when they piss me off at poker, and chop vegetables in half. How many others out there throw cards as well, and have used Banshees. Was just...
  10. Inkblooded

    Filter/BLACKLIST tags

    Please let us have a blacklist. I have nothing against NSFW art and I am fine with seeing it (so no, "turn on SFW mode" is not the answer) but I do not like the kind of extreme and specific NSFW that's popular on FurAffinity. It seems like with every refresh there are at least 5 submissions...
  11. Austin Silver

    Let's write a story.

    forums.furaffinity.net: Let's write a story!!! I'm bored.
  12. Austin Silver

    Let's write a story!!!

    Okay. Let's write a story that anyone can add to. There are, however, a few minor rules. It must flow. We will be writing in first person present tense (with the exception of frame narratives). Also, if you're not going to write more than a paragraph, don't write at all. Remember, a...
  13. Offline_user

    Enhanced search functionality

    Currently on FA, Search doesn't have options or check for things listed under "Submission Information" (ie the stuff from Browse: Category, Species, Gender, or Type [well, it does have a simplified version of this] ) I suggest adding these (at the very least, Species and Gender) to what search...
  14. Valisha

    Urban Punk Tags For $15. (5 Slots Open)

    Some Urban, Punk, and Grunge tags for sale. They are different from the regular colorful one and adds a sense of graffiti and the life of the not so mainstream city. My style is to give light to it and make it more known. An example has been attached. I am willing to do both feral and anthro...
  15. A

    Most common tags used for furry artwork (no porn though)

    As the title says, list what do u think are the most common tags furry artists put on their artwork. It can be literally anything buuuttt.... It cannot be related for furry porn stuff.
  16. E

    Suggestions to programmers for reducing system load

    Well anyone can just whine about features not implemented, but there are a few things that I things could be done to generally reduce problems with FA. 1)Voting tags(or just metadata really): Users may or may not add tags which accurately describe their work, they may even omit this step...
  17. Moderator-Gazelle

    FAF 2016 Guidebook: Tags!

    Quick Tips for FAFfing About I've noticed a lot of people make tags for their posts using hashtags, underscores, asterisks, and so on! Proper tags can have spaces in the keywords, but you seperate each tag by comma! If you separate the tags properly, it will look something like this:
  18. TheOnePandemonium

    Tagging your art? Help a newb!

    Hello there FA community. I must say I am totally new to this site, although I've known its name since... well, years now. I've always mixed animals and humans in my art and many people asked me "if i was on FurAffinity" and got fed up of answering 'no', so here I am sniffing some more. Thing...