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  1. Tanukin

    Can I just wear ears and a tail?

    Hi! I'm new in the furry community, and I don't really want to wear a full fursuit. Can I just wear ears and a tail?
  2. Ziaki

    Tails for Sale

    All of the Following Tails are For Sale. Blue tail has been sold. All of these yarn tails are for sale at the price listed below them. As they are not custom orders they are priced SIGNIFICANTLY lower than my custom commission rates. Prices do not include shipping. If you are interested in...
  3. sanssoucistudios

    Quick question re tail patterns

    Figuring since I've made heads, I can probably manage tails! Question- when making patterns for tails, to what extent do you take in to account the length of the fur pile you want to use? If you want to make the tail X wide, do you subtract some of the length of the pile from your pattern so...
  4. Skakuna

    Tail filled with... what?

    Beside of foam and stuffing used for making plushies... what else can be used as a filling for a tail? And be not very heavy at the same time?
  5. ZooExorcist

    Blue Puppy Partial Suit (sale or trade)

    Looking to sell or trade my blue dog suit! Originally commissioned to be Weed from Ginga Densetsu Weed but can make for a simple akita/shibe/husky character! **** Info and more photos here; Sta.sh Uploads 491 **** LOOKING FOR; money offers (nothing under $400, that's half it's...
  6. Drenniethes

    your character on a red chair SB - $15 MB - $2 AB - $30

    www.furaffinity.net: your character on a red chair by Drenniethes i'd prefer to draw feline, but other species are alright too SB - $15 MB - 2$ AB - $30 ENDS IN 12 HRS AFTER LAST BET female or shemale any species but feline are more preferable cuatom clothes, tail and genitals (if you'd like...
  7. Leaftail

    Favorite tail?

    What animal, real or fictional, do you think has the best tail? IRL, I'm gonna go with the obvious answer, foxes! So fluffy! I just wanna use it as a pillow >3< After that, I love big, thick reptilian tails, like crocodiles and dinosaurs. They look so powerful and intimidating! But my...
  8. TheBeaver

    Making Beaver Tail

    I want to make a beaver tail but I'm unsure what material I should use. My understanding the tail is kind of scaly. I thought the texture of leather (artifcial) would be a close match to how a beavers tail would look like. Anyone have any other ideas that would be a better option?
  9. SwampPossum

    Purple feline tail

    Selling this long purple feline tail with grey tip for $35 which includes shipping. Elastic loops for a secure hold on a belt. Purchase comes with a surprise gift that range from buttons, charms or even a $60 commission! Comment or message me if interested. Thanks!
  10. XenOrion

    Cheap fursuit/parts "commissions"

    Hey there! I hope this okay to be posting this here! >-< Me and my partner are wanting to start taking fursuit commissions, we have an understanding on how to make a fursuit, making several for ourselves before! However we want to get some more experience on making for other people, dealing...
  11. Doodle Bunny

    Short Tails ($30 a piece)

    You can buy them both on Etsy here: www.etsy.com: by BunnyPileShop
  12. L

    Attaching a Squirrel Tail Partial?

    Hello all, I'm not really new to cosplay but I am new to fur-related cosplay. I managed to build a squirrel yarn tail that I thought was going to hold up a lot better on its own than it did and now I have no idea how to make it attachable. Sorry for horrible image, it's not 100% done I need...
  13. khoufu

    Beginner (Deer) Tail Clearance! $25 or less

    Hi! So, I have a bunch of leftover fur from Joann's that I'd like to get rid of in the form of cheap tails. I'm still rather new but I'm confident my tails will hold up. I have white, black, and 2 shades of brown of varying quality available. I'm mainly selling simple deer tails but other types...
  14. C

    Macro Fox in Space Pic

    www.furaffinity.net: A Macro Fox in Space by Crazydaisy Rocky is now in SPACE! Hopefully, he doesn't use the Earth as a afternoon snack. :) Tell me guys what do you think?
  15. Royal_Buizel

    Selling a fluffy wolf tail ^_^

    Hey guys! I've made a wolf tail and would love it if you checked it out and let me know what you think? Here is a link to the tail I am selling. www.etsy.com: Fursuits and accessories based in York by FluffyRoyalCreations If you have any questions about the tail itself please don't heitate...
  16. SoundwaveKun

    Custom Fursuit Tails!

    Please note!: I only have one photo example for tail, and yes I know they are very poor quality photos because they were never meant to be used as commission examples. Sadly for the time being they are all I have, if I get at least one tail commission I will take example-quality photos and...
  17. Ashwolves5

    Fur-Xoticon: Catering all your furry needs

    https://fur-xoticon.org/ So I'll be dealing at furxoticon this year. I will be under the name WolfieWear. Who else is going? Ive seen quite a few other dealers im familiar with that will be there too. It'll be nice to support a smaller convention once again. if you want to get a commission of...
  18. dollon

    Fursuit tails on a budget (comissions)

    Hey everyfur ^~^, Im open for tail comissions! Price: For now I will charge material price +10-25$ depending on complexity of the tail.(also shipping) If you have any questions just comment on this post ^~^ Example: Payment PayPal only! Also if you have questions or wanna have...
  19. D

    Squirrel tail

    Hi there! New member here, I'm not really a furry, but I am a cosplayer working on Marvel's Squirrel Girl and my boyfriend and I are stumped on the tail. After much searching on the internet and a... not super great looking half a first attempt I figured I'd hit up the experts! I'm hoping to...
  20. J

    4 More Scale Tails! - 3 For Sale - Videos!

    Hello! Here's a bunch of new scale tails I got done! 3 are for sale and 1 was a commission. The commission and the fire tail where my first attempts (successful) with spikes from DVC . Commissioned Tail: www.furaffinity.net: Commission - Black Scale Tail w/Spikes by Jaye Fire Tail $60: FurBuy...