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  1. Duke The Blue Wolf

    I'm bored. Floofy Tails!

    OK, I don't really have anything to say here, just comment how much you love floofy tails. Or scaly tails. Or if you have a preference I didn't mention.
  2. ben909

    tails, fluffy vs streamlined. a battle

    this was talked about in the predsvsprey thread yesterday, but now we will have a 4 sided offshoot based on tails, shattering old alliances and creating new ones this is done on an xy plane, the x axis is for people with no tails vs people with tails, although only people with more then one...
  3. KawaiiPeachcup

    Whose tail?

    This may have been posted before but I just came across this song and it's adorable so I wanted to share it. Also it's stuck in my head now... *Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake!*
  4. RainFlame

    Vixen Kitsune Adopt- Auction- OPEN!

    I have a kitsune character design up for auction that just went up :) Bid here: www.furaffinity.net: Vixen Kitsune Adopt- Auction- OPEN! by RainFlame
  5. AppleButt

    How many bushy fox tails will it take to stay warm in winter?

    Tails must be attached to fox. How many? This is an important question.
  6. MortemArts

    Tails For Sale

    Price: $45 USD (PayPal only) The shipping price is included in the $45 for US shipping If outside of the US maybe an extra $10 These are the two tails up for sale: Pm me if interested
  7. P

    Badges starting at $5

    Hi Im new here, a friend of mine recommend this site to me. Anywho.. I'm trying to save up to rescue an albino python, she's so beautiful and I just have to get her.
  8. Okye

    Would anyone be interested in yarn tails? (still open)

    So if I made and sold tails using yarn that's been combed out to look like fur would anyone be interested in purchasing then? They would be fully customizable, colors, textures. I could probably make them posable also. These would most likely be more affordable then one that's sewn with...
  9. Tizri777

    Selling commissions for custom tails

    T.A.I.L.S. by Tizri is about making custom furry products! From Tails to collars and eventually fursuit commissions, we focus on quality items and satisfied customers. Today we offer custom tail commissions, just post below or message me at Userpage of Tizri777 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net for...
  10. khoufu

    Beginner (Deer) Tail Clearance! $25 or less

    Hi! So, I have a bunch of leftover fur from Joann's that I'd like to get rid of in the form of cheap tails. I'm still rather new but I'm confident my tails will hold up. I have white, black, and 2 shades of brown of varying quality available. I'm mainly selling simple deer tails but other types...
  11. FurFunAndMore

    Partials for Commission

    Hello everyone, I'm still quite new here! But I've been working on my furfolio for a while now and I would like to spread the word on here that I am open for commission! I make partials which include a head, paws, and tail. And various parts as well, so if you just need some arm sleeves I do...
  12. FurFunAndMore

    Partials for Commission

    Hello everyone! I'm a newer fursuit maker and looking to get some more experience under my belt. I really enjoy making custom fursuits and would love to help make yours! I have references available upon request and pictures, as well as an etsy site if you wish to look at it. (I don't have that...