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  1. Guifrog

    Talking from A to... Y

    A random idea I came up with: what if we started our posts with the letter that comes next to the one initiating the post from above? e.g.: ---------------- User 1: Amphibians are the best! User 2: But reptiles are just as great! User 3: C'mon, re-evaluate your concepts. Felines are cute...
  2. Sledge_Husky 04


    Hello, im super bored and antisocial so anyone who wants to talk please start a convorsation with me!!! I would love to talk!
  3. DLewis28

    Whats the best way to meet new people?

    I'm having trouble interacting with people.
  4. mimibast

    Hi how is everyone doing.

    Lmao I'm new here, not a furry (nor am I going to be but id like to connect to the demographic I want to cater to, in other words, let's just talk yo) but I've started doing furry art and making my own fursona. Fun! how is everyone doing.
  5. Guifrog

    Give animals a personality

    We can assume there's smart frogs and clueless frogs, but let's say each of us have a stereotyped thinking over how animals behave and that they'd talk. i.e.: 1) Mr. Potato thinks bears are so agressive, they'd always be swearing. 2) Ms. Banana disagrees and thinks bears are clumsy but gentle...
  6. dogryme6

    So, you want to talk about Weird Stuff?

    Let's say you were someone who wanted to talk about their own weird fascinations on the FAF Forums... Where would be the best section to do it under? As soon as my question's answered, I'll be on my merry way and ask for this thread to be closed. Haaa, if only I knew how to do that too. Come to...
  7. MikaKoinu

    Yo! What's up? ✿

    Hello, my name is Mikayla. I've had a FA account for a while now but recently started getting into it again. I thought I'd try and talk to some new people casually! if you would like to talk, write a comment or message me. ☆
  8. Bearwizurd

    Come and join us to the Fur Club ! [Discord Chat]

    Hey there peeps and furballs, Bearwizurd here, I've disappeared from FAF for a long time, but for a good reason ! I found a foox's Discord server ! From pep talk to shit posting, normal conversation to sharing experiences, this server is really great to be in ^w^, so with Lord Karma Foox's...
  9. Jayy-Dog

    Furry discord! W.i.p.

    We're a small group of furries looking for anyone to have chat with x3 we don't bite! Please read the rules before chatting! Discord
  10. Akinyi

    Looking to Talk and Meet New Furs

    Hi everyone, First of all I hope I'm putting this in the right place and if not, please forgive me and delete it (or I will of course). Anyway I've been in the fandom for ten years and have met quite a few furs IRL but strangely enough the amount I know online is still low. I often enter...
  11. B

    Talk about a movie you've seen recently!

    (Spoiler Alert: We talk about movies and spoil their endings!) I saw Edward Scissorhands yesterday. It was alright: I did really warm up to Edward as a character, though I didn't get emotional as I thought I would. His character design is pretty excellent and did a good job at communicating...
  12. OpticFurry

    Nsfw artist Vs. Everyone

    so it has come to my attention that FurAffinity isn't really big on adult art works.. but there is countless artist on this form and website who creating amazing art that gets little kids all riled up . My question on the issue of not safe for work is.. What the fuck is the big deal? just...
  13. furryfilth

    Talk to me about anything

    I'm bored as hell and wanna talk to some people so here ya go. Type words and I will reply with more words. If you wanna RP the RP, if you wanna complain about anything that's fine too, just dooo itttt (cue Shia Labeouf gif.)
  14. DylanM40

    Late Night Work

    Though the title is bit off the actual topic. Anyone up this early in the morning during the week?
  15. Kiara Everfrost

    Anyone wanna chat with me?

    I'm in a chatty mood right now.