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  1. Lobie5

    Do you talk while in fursuit? Why or why not?

    Sorry if this question's been asked a lot. I'm new . ^^; Anyways, I was planning on being a silent character once I get my own suit, but I wonder if it'll be too hard. My character doesn't have any fingers, so that'll be a huge handicap in regards to gestures and body language. :confused...
  2. M

    Leaving the this site For awhile

    Yep, You read it right! Indeed I'm taking my absences of leave I don't think I will be coming back and if I did it won't be anytime soon. I believe my grounds was twitter where I could socialize with other furries and especially with my age 20 group that is where I feel more comfortable. Thanks :)
  3. M

    Whats up, Anyone want to talk?

    Anyone want to talk? Talk Anything :)
  4. C

    Looking for RP partners? Same! lets talk and see what we figure out!

    so im looking for people to roleplay with. im gonan have to ask that you are 18 or above. Happened i ran into a 13 year old here, sadly i had already sent them my F-list before i got to know that so. yeah. want to avoid that again. im thinking we can send DM's to eachother to trade pictures of...