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  1. sterkiherz

    ♡ I'm working on a Fantasy/Comedy Comic! ♡

    Howdy!:p ~ I'm new around here and I guess I wanted to share a little project I've been working on for a while now n.n My comic is called Miraclewish and you can read it on Tapas and Webtoons! ~ ♡ A little summary: ♡ Angiris is a 13 year-old girl from Cloveridge City. One day, on her way...
  2. Asher Grey

    Tapastic Suggestions?

    Hey guys, Since Tapastic has lost so many comics to other sites recently, I'm running low on good reads. I'm looking for comics like Laid in Lavender, Griefer Belt, and Ascent. Looking more for really good art, and if it has furries, that's always a bonus. I really only use the one site for...
  3. Diretooth

    Still Night: An ongoing horror story tangentally about zombies.

    Still Night | Tapas A few months ago, I had an idea. What if I wrote a horror story combining the various tropes found throughout all zombie media, mixed with a little bit of human drama, as well as some general weirdness and attempts at some degree of realism in regards to how zombies would...
  4. Feliscede

    Anthro Comic on Tapastic

    Check out the webcomic that I'm currentyl working on. It's called Ebon Fire! Ebon Fire :: Prologue | Tapastic Comics Critics and tips are welcomed Thank you! "Someone or something threatens the city of the Ants. Another night and another ant disappear mysteriously. The guards ask the Queen for...