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  1. Cosmonaughty

    So does anybody have any Furry based tattoos?

    After very recently bringing it up in conversation, I have a question for all of you fine folks. Does anybody have a Furry Culture tattoo. I only ask because in my proffession I have never actually seen one, even online they seem few and far between! Seems like a large gap in the market these...
  2. Babycatz

    Question about a tattooed fursuit?

    Would it be possible/would it look weird to use iron on patches (i would be sewing them on as opposed to ironing.) to mimic the look of tattoos on a suit?? I saw this drawing and it gave me the idea... Credit to : samparty on DeviantArt
  3. InferaDragon

    Commission on pillows with embroidery

    Pillowcase is made of soft flock or microvelour. High quality machine embroidery. The image in the style of tattoo, two main shades - black and white, it is possible to combine both colors. Also, can add other colors to highlight the features of the character. 4 types of fabric, 79 colors...
  4. Nihles

    Ink the Furry Above You!

    We all love art! What kind of tattoo would you draw on your fellow furries? Be as detailed or whimsical as you like! I'll start by saying the first person to OwO gets it as a tramp stamp.
  5. Prynne


    I'm Laura, and the character I've made is Prynne, the Phoenix Dragon. I'll be honest, I have some mixed feelings about the whole furry thing based on stereotypes that were how I found out about the fandom...but I've been watching a lot of Pocari Roo videos and I love them lol. So I decided to...
  6. H

    Need practice on Furry arts!

    I've been on FA for a while but I've mostly been posting my tattoo apprentice things, I've been wanting to get back into digital art and I think that drawing a few characters for free for others would help me out a bit! I'm willing to work with human characters, fanart, fursonas, ferals, anthro...
  7. AludraWaterGoddess

    Thoughts and Helpful Critiques On My Rose Lion

    Hey all! I am going for a tattoo apprenticeship and was wondering if you all would give me your thoughts and or critiques on my Rose Lion flash design. If you are an tattoo artist already I would really like to hear from you!
  8. Talani-Mae


    Hello there! <3 My name is Tali, and I wanted to try and post here to let everyone know that I am a traditional artist specializing in tribal art and I am open for commissions! Though I am not new to FA I am rather new to the Forums, as preciously my internet was encountering issues when trying...