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technical issues

  1. R

    Main Site my thoughts on the site's current direction

    Wouldn't it make more sense to rewrite large portions of the website rather than attempting to incorporate new features into the existing codebase? I'm convinced that after 15 years of development, furaffinity will have massive amounts of technical debt. A database transfer to a newer...
  2. Notkastar

    Is There a Way to Make Text Lager on The Main Site Without Headers?

    Is There a Way to Make Text Lager on The Main Site Without Headers like: H1,h2- and so on? The headers add spacing I've rather not be there.
  3. clawstarz

    Need help with "ghost clicking"?

    I've been having this problem for the longest time, so basically, my mouse randomly clicks at times, especially when I use my Wacom tablets. I use Windows 10 and I'm not sure if the problem is Windows itself or my Wacom tablets not being supported by Windows??? I've tried restarting my laptop...
  4. Bluequill

    New to the forum -- question for folks

    Hi there! I'm new here and first posted to the art sales forum looking to hire someone for a commission and the thread has been pending moderation for hours and hours. Is this normal? Is my post being reviewed because it's my first one? Curious if anyone has seen this happen. I guess I'll find...
  5. Angellothefox

    Ispring Bad allocation

    Can anyone help me please? I use Ispring to capture my computer screen as I am doing verious stuff like playing games or capturing a website and so on and so forth. Resently I have been discovering that all of a sudden Ispring will just stop at random points of the video capture and come up...
  6. Wisupi

    Help with Uploading Gifs?

    Hi there! I'm a new FurAffinity user and I wanted to upload a couple of gifs onto my page but it really hasn't been working out for me. Whether I set a thumbnail picture for my gif or not, the first image you see is a really broken, glitched up still image. The gif plays when it's fullsized and...