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  1. I

    Blind Engineer Invents Smart Cane to Help People Navigate

    Today, many products have been reinvented through technology. From smart planters to smart TVs, the power of technology doesn’t surprise us anymore. While many of the newest technological creations are dedicated to entertainment, there are many which contribute to our well being, especially to...
  2. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Not able to sign in on my pc?

    I can sign in and do stuff on my phone, but if I close said tabs and then try to sign in on my computer, it won't sign in.
  3. T

    Help with FA Submission;

    I've been trying to submit a .PNG file to Furaffinity for the past thirty minutes, yet, each time I try to upload it, Furaffinity reduces the quality to absolute garbage! I've resized the image independently to 900x900 pixels, but it still makes it look like absolute, ah, well, absolutely...
  4. Zemble

    Anyone currently going to Pittsburgh Technical College? (Formerly PTI)

    I'm going to be starting there next month and I don't know anyone else. Are there any furs going there, too? Would be cool to hang out.
  5. Wisupi

    Help with Uploading Gifs?

    Hi there! I'm a new FurAffinity user and I wanted to upload a couple of gifs onto my page but it really hasn't been working out for me. Whether I set a thumbnail picture for my gif or not, the first image you see is a really broken, glitched up still image. The gif plays when it's fullsized and...