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technology help

  1. clawstarz

    Need help with "ghost clicking"?

    I've been having this problem for the longest time, so basically, my mouse randomly clicks at times, especially when I use my Wacom tablets. I use Windows 10 and I'm not sure if the problem is Windows itself or my Wacom tablets not being supported by Windows??? I've tried restarting my laptop...
  2. Y-de

    Posting from IOS?

    So, bad luck hit, and I don’t have my laptop anymore. I have a phone, but is there any way I can upload text files from here?
  3. Tiger Socks

    Anybody know how to set up a wacom tablet?

    I've had this tablet for a year and when I tried setting it up the pen didnt work.. I am horrible with technology and I'm sure the answer is pretty simple however I'm just a complete dummy XD I really want to start using my art tablet so any help I can get would be great thank you!!!