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  1. C

    Looking for RP partners for a sci-fi style RP (can be nsfw)

    ive noticed that i have an enjoyment for rp's where my character is the "high tech alien" visiting a planet. either by just getting there through a crashed spaceship or a small colonization force and get to know YOUR character, who would be a member of this planets dominand species. Now there is...
  2. Nemnth

    Humans will become obsolete

    Hi guys, I've recently stumbled upon a very interesting video discussing how technology these days is quickly eclipsing anything any of us can do. It talks about how any position in the work force is at danger, even programming ones as robots can be programmed to program themselves. It also...
  3. BackwardsDrifter

    Zootopia Fur Technology

    Engadget made an article yesterday about the technology that went into making the fur in Zootopia look so real. I thought some people here might be interested. www.engadget.com: Fur technology makes Zootopia's bunnies believable I can't wait to actually see this movie but living in the UK...