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  1. V

    3D printed parts, $50/all Free shipping

    Selling parts as a group to recoup filament costs. Four(4) sets of eyes, four(4) sets of teeth, one of them a full jawset, and ten (10) individual claws. Printed white. Please consider supporting a small business payment through paypal and free shipping priority standard through usps (unless...
  2. Gem-Wolf

    YCH Auction - NSFW maw/vore (SB:$40 - AB: $200)

    Link to the auction (NSFW/18+): www.furaffinity.net: YCH Auction #5 by Gem-Wolf SB: $40 Increments: $2 AB: $200 - Any Gender - Any species - wings ok - humans ok - Serious bidders only (no retracting bids) - Reply to previous bidder - PAYPAL only (NO eCheques) - US currency Completed...
  3. caelumcanis

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Mawshot $20 | Unlimited slots

    Full colour mawshot with drool, canines only. Coloured background of your choice. Base is by me. Payment by PayPal only Any questions, leave them here or note me on FA! Link here to main page: www.furaffinity.net: YCH MAWSHOT $20 | UNLIMITED SLOTS! by caelumcanis Link to an example...
  4. Phase2

    Request: Fluffy, toothy demon boi

    Would anyone be interested in doodling this little fella? Lurid on Toyhouse his teeth are large in his mouth. he likes to hang from tree branches from his tail. he also has a problem with staring at people with an expressionless face! he rarely stands on two legs. but if he does, he looks...
  5. Spippy

    $8 YCH - >:p

    colored ex.
  6. sanssoucistudios

    Making fursuit teeth, tongues and noses out of rubber and resin

    Popping by to share my blog post on my latest efforts. I'm kinda pleased with how they came out! www.sanssoucistudios.com: making jawsets, teeth and tongues for a resin fursuit head
  7. Lapinpire

    Monster Maw Adopts 10USD

    So first of all, I'm so sorry for the lame handwriting. Most of the rules are in the submission. Drooly Teeth Adopts: Click Here For Art ~ Teeth belong to a mystery monster, think of it like egg adopts. (you may request a type. Ie- reptile, bird, mammal, etc. Otherwise these are experimental...
  8. werewolf-kun


    TEETH Icon Your Character Here Sale!! Each sketch is only $20 and gets you a fully colored and shaded icon of a character of your choice! Characters can be any species, any gender, feral or anthro! Simply comment below or note me if you are interested in purchasing one of the icons!! Will be...
  9. GuroBurro

    I'm a Noob, Hi

    Hey, um, so yeah, my name's Dallas, a donkey/crocodile hybrid who is also a plush piñata filled with gummy gut candy. I like Candy Gore, soft vore, huge teeth, dinosaurs, crocodiles, etc. A little tidbit also is that I'm also the founder of Candy Gore/Vore May. Don't google it, I just came up...
  10. sanssoucistudios

    Painting Resin Teeth

    I posted a new blog post about painting resin teeth on my website: www.sanssoucistudios.com: painting resin jawsets for a fursuit head It took some courage to mess with the pretty teeth from Dreamvision Creations, but I'm happy with how they came out. Also had the worst "D'oh!" moment of my...
  11. Steriiyo

    Matrices Foam Tutorial>Help

    Hello! I got foam and I'm making the foam base for my fursuit head. I'm having trouble understanding how to do this part: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Here is the link for the tutorial...