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telegram group

  1. majorarcana

    Telegram Groups?

    Does anyone know of OC or furry Telegram groups? I prefer that platform over Discord but I'm struggling to figure out where to find groups for it.
  2. Narri


    I've had telegram for a while now but haven't done anything with it. Is it worth keeping installed? Are there any groups on there that you would recommend joining? Asking So Many Questions One Would Mistake Me For Socrates... I JUST WANT TO FIND SOME USE FOR THIS, MEET OTHER FLOOFBALLS AND...
  3. G

    Looking for Furry chat groups to be in!

    Hi everyone. I'm posting tonight because I'm craving a decent furry chat experience... Something laid back that you can just exist in the fandom in. I miss meeting other furs in chat rooms online, like when you could make your own chatroom on yahoo messenger in the early 2000's. Are there any...