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telegram stickers

  1. Wheeze

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) LOTS OF OPTIONS, MANY STYLES! Icons, refs, full bodies, and more!

    hey yall im back open for commissions! wanna help me pay rent by getting neat art of your characters?? well here's your opportunity! WHAT I OFFER: icons chibis (three options!) busts half bodies full bodies ref sheets short looping animations telegram stickers sfw + nsfw furries, animals...
  2. Punji

    [CLOSED] Dozen+ SFW Telegram Stickers -- ~$5-$10 CND/USD Unit Price

    Hello all! I am interested in commissioning a larger set of Telegram stickers, comprised of entirely SFW pieces. I am comfortable with spending ~$5-$10 Canadian or US Dollars per sticker as per a mutual agreement, and would greatly appreciate a bulk discount. I can very easily afford this but...
  3. XeronaArt

    (Commission) Selling: EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS $20 - $70+

    EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS! PLEASE DM IF INTERESTED! Hey guys, I'm needing some help with some bills this month. I have payments coming up next week and am in dire need of some income. I've lowered my prices to be a bit more affordable while I have this going on. Please share this around if you know...
  4. Bxb777

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions open again! 5-20$ full bodies and Telegram stickers!

    Hello everyone! After a long break from doing commissions, I'm finally open again!♡♡♡ I'm currently open to do regular art pieces and telegram stickers! Here are my prices and prices sheet. Also, I can do anything except extreme fetish and nsfw! For a regular art piece I can $15 flat full $20...
  5. TheRabbitFollower

    (Commission) Selling: Telegram Stickers [$15 each — 5 for $50]

    Exactly what is says on the tin, prices in USD. Finished stickers will be colored like so: A pixel art inspired style is also available for no extra charge. Please specify if you’d prefer this style. More complicated designs may be charged a few dollars extra, depending on how many stickers...
  6. Rolo333

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions Open! - Toony, Semi realistic(exepermental), Chibi - Prices are 9$ and up

    Examples: Artwork Gallery for AngelTheWolf333 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Prices Headshots: Sketch:10$ Colored:15$ Half Body: Sketch:12$ Colored:20$ Full Body: Sketch:15$ Colored:25$ ------------------------------------- Chibi Prices Headshot: Sketch:9$ Colored:13$ Halfbody: Sketch:10$...
  7. Sirce

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Derp Serg (and any furry) Icons! -Combo 2 for 15$-

    Hello! I've re-opened for commissions! Get your character an adorable and funny version, perfect for telegram icons! ~~~Terms~~ -I can work with any species -I can see NSFW refs, however any NSFW icon will cost more -Every two icons you get the combo (for example, you purchase 4, you pay 30$...
  8. SneakthiefCoalfire

    Hiring: What telegram stickers - muscle furry . (5-7)($50-70)

    Userpage of SneakthiefCoalfire -- Fur Affinity [dot] net www.furaffinity.net: Things that are questionable by SneakthiefCoalfire (ref - most up do date character art piece) (I forgot to draw his ring) www.furaffinity.net: Umber: Ref remake by SneakthiefCoalfire (ref with cloths) Hello I am...
  9. RealFakeDork

    (Commission) Selling: Get Your commission fix Here (Stickers, Icons, and more!) $8-$90

    Hey Fuzzballs and Lizard People! I'm currently open for commissions! I'd be happy to help with whatever you need! Including: STICKERS BUSTS FULL BODYS RAINBOWS!!! CUSTOMS And pretty much anything else you may need! Available to do NSFW as well! Drop me a message if you're...
  10. Maffi

    [Q] Who is the artist of this?

    Hellooo :D please, i am new to the forums and i apologize if i posted on the wrong board. u_u I am trying to find the artist who did this Telegram Sticker pack called Candy Hearted example of the stickers: I am trying to get in touch with them to let them know how much i love this...
  11. KayleighAnn

    (Commission) Selling: $5 Icons, compatible as Discord Emotes and Telegram Stickers

    Hi! I recently got a new tablet and I'm able to offer different icons! I like my comic book style icons, but I also enjoy doing lineless, so I'm offering both! I can work with any expression, and I try to optimize them for use with Discord and Telegram. Please let me know from the start if you...
  12. Jessica Montana

    Telegram stickers! Save when you bundle!

    Why pay an arm and a leg for a single telegram sticker when you can save by buying a bundle? Simply pick how many of each sticker option you want(listed below and you'll get a bundle discount based on how many stickers you order. Sticker options: Heads: $5 Waist ups: $6 Full bodies: $7 you + a...
  13. spookyfoxinc

    (Commission) Selling: Sticker packs - deals for 5 or more stickers!

    Hey there! I'm looking to take on some telegram sticker packs. Full gallery of examples: Artwork Gallery for spookyfoxinc -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Examples: Pricing -£5 per sticker -For every 5 bought, you get one for free -If you want a larger pack, i.e 40+ stickers, discounts are...
  14. Asher Grey

    4 stickers for $12

    Hey guys, I don't have anything queued right now, so I'm trying stickers again! Upped my prices somewhat since my first batch. You save if you buy 4, and for more prices, details, etc, you can check my FA: www.furaffinity.net: so I updated my stickers by Asherion Examples:
  15. snoopeh

    Telegram Stickers NSFW and SFW

    Hey there! I'm on an art spree today and would also like to grab some telegram Stickers. Basically I'm after a 3-4 NSFW stickers and about 6 SFW stickers. I can go into detail with anyone interested about what exactly I would like. I'd like to spend about $5 per sticker, but I can do more...
  16. spookyfoxinc

    Open for big telegram sticker packs!

    Hey there! I'm currently open for telegram stickers - they're £5/each, and I'm open for large packs. Every 10 stickers, you get one free. Note me if ur interested (my fA is in my sig), or hmu on telegram at @spookyfoxes! Examples:
  17. spookyfoxinc

    Telegram Stickers!

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to sell some telegram stickers, if anyone is interested. INFO: -They are £5 per sticker -For every 10 stickers you buy, you get one free -Any mood/emotion, two characters permitted for an extra £4/sticker Note me if this interests you at all! My fA is available in my...
  18. Nintendeered

    !~Commissions Open~! $5-$50 [2 Slots]

    If you would like to get a commission, simply respond to this post in a comment, send me a note, or contact me on telegram @Nintedeered Please read my T.O.S. before commissioning me! Sketches ~Uncolored $5 ~Colored $8 ~Extra Character +$3 Headshot/Icons (Comes with simple background) ~Flat...
  19. PercyD

    (Commission) Selling: [Update]-- $5 Headshot Flash Sale! {Icons, Reactions, Telegram Stickers}

    I need some quickies and people need some headshots! I've decided to do a fun little shop! Check out the rules in the next post. An update: Dealing with a death in the family~. I'm pushing everything back about a week. As I still have some deadlines to meet, the sale is still going on and I am...
  20. XeronaArt

    Badge Commissions Open!

    BADGE COMMISSIONS I have badges and other types of commissions open! The badges are $40+ depending on the amount of detail you want and other accessories on your fursona. PLEASE FILL OUT COMMISSION INQUIRIES HERE! It makes things easier for me c: If you have any questions please message me...