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telegram stickers

  1. CityPound

    Citypound's Art Shoppe

    WELCOME TO CITYPOUND'S ART SHOPPE COMMISSION STATUS: OPEN CLICK HERE FOR QUEUE CLICK HERE FOR TERMS OF SERVICE completion at the top of the queue is always under two weeks for digital art
  2. Keme

    Telegram Stickers

    Hello, I am wanting to get some Telegram stickers done. We can discuss pricing since my budget is flexible from 50-100 or a bit more. Please show examples.
  3. Arisu


    Hello! Since I really enjoy making Telegram stickers, I decided to open commissions for telegram stickers of your character! The price is 60$ for a pack of 10 stickers, then 5$ for every additional sticker! What are telegram stickers? -> telegram.org: Stickers Done Right I will do : Human...
  4. supermint

    Commissions OPEN! Variety of types.

    Click here for full information Click here to order For questions, please reply to this thread! Thank you for your time.
  5. OmenTheTalentless

    Telegram Stickers $1 Each! (5 Expressions Min.)

    Have your character or fursona drawn expressing various emotions for as little as one dollar! You must order at least 5 expressions to follow the rules c: Here are the expressions you can choose from! ibb.co: expressions Art examples: ibb.co: IMG 20170307 160058 (Creepy Human) ibb.co: rogue...
  6. supermint

    15% OFF Commission Sale

    I'm having a sale on my commissions for a short while - my queue is almost empty at the moment, so now's your chance if you're considering! Some examples: Busts Halfbodies Fullbodies Sketches Badges Telegram Stickers Binary Avatars Pixel Icons --- Input the following in the...
  7. MrSilverFox

    Looking for Telegram Sticker Art (Pack of 5-10)

    For now, I have chosen my artist and the request is closed. Thank you! I've reached out to some already in regards to looking to do a commission for some stickers. Though, in the attempts of searching for new fuzzy artists I could have very well missed a page or two offering something. If you...
  8. supermint

    NEW! Telegram sticker commissions!

    $10 - One sticker, flat color $12 - One sticker, cel shaded $30 - Set of 3, flat color $35 - Set of 3, cel shaded $50 - Set of 5, flat color $60 - Set of 5, cel shaded $100 - Set of 10, flat color $120 - Set of 10, cel shaded $150 - Set of 15, flat color $190 - Set of 15, cel shaded Click here...
  9. nijipies

    Chibi Sketch Sale and Custom Telegram Stickers!

    October Chibi Sketch Sale Hey everybody! Chibi Sketches are open! Single chibis are $15 each Couple chibis are $20 each I'm doing something a little different with the ordering and doing it through Google Forms to keep it more organized and make the ordering process smoother! If you want...
  10. Nendakitty

    $10 Chubby Chibis Any pose/species/gender/rating

    Not too much luck over on FA, still seems kinda quiet there, i'm selling cheap chubby chibis! c: order here or find me over on furaffinity : Nendakitty
  11. GothicSiamese

    ☘ ☘ Icon, Chibi Art & Telegram Sticker Commissions ☘ ☘

    Please be sure to read my: ▶ ToS and Guidelines ◀ ---------------------------- Want to order something? Go to this journal on FA: ☘ ☘ Chibi Commissions - OPEN ☘ ☘ -- Gothicsiamese's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ---------------------------- ▶ Chibi Commissions ◀ Offering something new...