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  1. T

    Want to play with a roman dog? Watch out he has a sword

    If looking for new people to roleplay with, i can do different stuff so just contact me in a conversation or send me your contact details (telegram, discord and such) and ill add you. Full name: Arminus Lucelian Pharsalus Nickname: Pharsalus. Sex/Gender: Male. Sexuality: Bi- slight male...
  2. PercyD

    (Commission) Selling: [Update]-- $5 Headshot Flash Sale! {Icons, Reactions, Telegram Stickers}

    I need some quickies and people need some headshots! I've decided to do a fun little shop! Check out the rules in the next post. An update: Dealing with a death in the family~. I'm pushing everything back about a week. As I still have some deadlines to meet, the sale is still going on and I am...
  3. D

    Furry Philosophy Telegram Group!

    I have made a Telegram group for furries who are into philosophical discussion. Feel free to join! t.me: Philosofurs
  4. Sylanna

    Wyoming Furs?

    Hello peeps! I am looking for Wyoming furries as I will be moving there for an internship lasting 4 months. I am planning on making a telegram group as well. So feel free to pm me at @Sylanna if you want to join!
  5. Judge Spear

    Discord/Telegram Invite Thread

    Since there are numerous threads sharing links to servers, we can just get a mega thread for it and freely post/bump as needed. It should make things easier than just making a new thread for each individual server only for it to get pushed down to the bottom of the page with a ton of other...
  6. Bytorcus

    Furry DJ Discord/Telegram

    As both a furry and a DJ, I'm curious to see if there's a discord server or telegram chat group where all of the Furry DJs out there congregate and discuss various topics relating to Turntables, Gigs, Music Selection, Transitions, Controllers, Party Locations, etc? If there is can I have an...
  7. D

    Philosophy Furry Telegram Group!

    I made a Telegram group for those furries who are interested in philosophical and theological discussion! Feel free to join! t.me: Philosophy Furs
  8. Zel_____

    Are you an artist? Suit maker? Musician? Join the Furry Business chat!

    Hey everyone! I've been an artist in the fandom for at least a decade now, but I've only started taking the business side of that seriously recently. I realized I had lots of questions about running a table in the dealer's den, like how many prints to buy, what fair prices for my art might be...
  9. Aaron U Pictus

    Furry Username Telegram Share

    So I'm not too sure if anyone is interested. I have not seen many threads for those who want to chat and meet each other on Telegram. I'm very much a fur who is keen to chat and meet others and make freinds :3 (P.s. I am very much a sfw fur and like the idea of keeping this thread in that...
  10. Flerivous

    A Shy Drotter, A Loving Heart

    Hello, everyone. I’m a bit new to the FA community. I’ve had an FA account for a while, but I’ve never been on the forum before. I’m a little lost for words at the moment, but that may change as I may start to ramble. I welcome any & all to message me; I’m actually looking for a boyfriend. >///<...
  11. Arisu


    Hello! Since I really enjoy making Telegram stickers, I decided to open commissions for telegram stickers of your character! The price is 60$ for a pack of 10 stickers, then 5$ for every additional sticker! What are telegram stickers? -> telegram.org: Stickers Done Right I will do : Human...
  12. Cuzi

    Oni-con 2017 Galveston Texas Oct 27th - 29th.

    I know this isn't a furry specific convention but there are plenty that do attend. I was wondering a few things that subsequently drove me to create this post. Do any of you happen to be attending the convention? And does anyone happen to know of a Telegram, or Discord group that exists for...
  13. Zyren_EX

    Furry Telegram YCH~!

    SB $5 | AB $35 Go here for live auction --> Furry Telegram YCH You don't need a YCH account to bid, just a working e-mail Can be any OC of any species (even humans) AB includes a freeavatar/DP
  14. OmenTheTalentless

    Telegram Stickers $1 Each! (5 Expressions Min.)

    Have your character or fursona drawn expressing various emotions for as little as one dollar! You must order at least 5 expressions to follow the rules c: Here are the expressions you can choose from! ibb.co: expressions Art examples: ibb.co: IMG 20170307 160058 (Creepy Human) ibb.co: rogue...
  15. SammyPolargon

    Can you please recommend any furry groups I should join?

    Hi! I'm Sammy the giant polar bear eastern dragon, I'm a furry artist with a toony art style specializing in paws and macros Userpage of burbarbeers -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Can you please recommend Furry groups I should join on: Furaffinity Twitter Facebook Telegram Discord And practically...
  16. supermint

    NEW! Telegram sticker commissions!

    $10 - One sticker, flat color $12 - One sticker, cel shaded $30 - Set of 3, flat color $35 - Set of 3, cel shaded $50 - Set of 5, flat color $60 - Set of 5, cel shaded $100 - Set of 10, flat color $120 - Set of 10, cel shaded $150 - Set of 15, flat color $190 - Set of 15, cel shaded Click here...
  17. zoinky

    anyone want to talk to me on skype or telegram?

    if anyone wants to give me a add on telegram or skype its Skype: mycupcakeisgreat@gmail.com Telegram: @jackalolo (t.me: zoinky
  18. KhramChee

    5 Stickers Pack for Telegram for 20$

    Here are some examples of how they'd look: More examples at: Userpage of khramchee -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Other Options for packs: 10 stickers 40$ 15 stickers 60$ 20+ Sticker packs prices can be discussed. Discounts could be applied.
  19. Keme

    Telegram Stickers

    Hello. I am currently looking to commission an artist for some Telegram stickers. My budget is $140, but is negotiable. Post examples of your art if interested.
  20. DravenDonovan

    Fuksheet Tavern (18+ Only)

    ~Welcome to the Fuksheet Tavern~ home of some very Eccentric Furs Owner: @DravenDonovan Co-Owner: @InpuOsirisson Ever wanted to be a part of a group where you can be as outwardly crazy as your freakin please? Tired of groups where being too bold and outrageous tends to get you banned...