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  1. Nendakitty

    $10 Chubby Chibis Any pose/species/gender/rating

    Not too much luck over on FA, still seems kinda quiet there, i'm selling cheap chubby chibis! c: order here or find me over on furaffinity : Nendakitty
  2. M

    furry telegram chat

    any one is invited nsfw and sfw just keep the bleach jokes to a minimal telegram.me: fa fourms
  3. Aryn


    Hi all, Not really a new fur but new to the FA forum ^_^ I'm Aryn, 18 year old fur from London, I go the the meets alot. There's more info on my FA if anyone cares derp xP If you wanna drop me a message you can do so on telegram: @arryn Userpage of deroski -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My FA^^...
  4. Sunwar


    I'm Sunwar, though you guys can call me Solar! I'm also Sunwar on FA, and I made a forum account because Ive been seeing this Telegram app going around, and I just downloaded it and I'd love to put it to good use! I'm Sunwar on Telegram as well, and It'd be great to make some new furry pals...