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  1. nijipies

    Cute Prepose Telegram / Icons 8D ($12)

    Prepose Excited AF Telegram stickers/ Icons Customizable Telegram sticker / Icons Look how cute and excited they are! They will be transparent and ready to be used for Telegram or as icons! Each will come 512x512 final size. If you are interested, please send information (references and...
  2. nijipies

    Chibi Sketch Sale and Custom Telegram Stickers!

    October Chibi Sketch Sale Hey everybody! Chibi Sketches are open! Single chibis are $15 each Couple chibis are $20 each I'm doing something a little different with the ordering and doing it through Google Forms to keep it more organized and make the ordering process smoother! If you want...
  3. Nendakitty

    $10 Chubby Chibis Any pose/species/gender/rating

    Not too much luck over on FA, still seems kinda quiet there, i'm selling cheap chubby chibis! c: order here or find me over on furaffinity : Nendakitty
  4. M

    furry telegram chat

    any one is invited nsfw and sfw just keep the bleach jokes to a minimal telegram.me: fa fourms
  5. Aryn


    Hi all, Not really a new fur but new to the FA forum ^_^ I'm Aryn, 18 year old fur from London, I go the the meets alot. There's more info on my FA if anyone cares derp xP If you wanna drop me a message you can do so on telegram: @arryn Userpage of deroski -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My FA^^...
  6. Sunwar


    I'm Sunwar, though you guys can call me Solar! I'm also Sunwar on FA, and I made a forum account because Ive been seeing this Telegram app going around, and I just downloaded it and I'd love to put it to good use! I'm Sunwar on Telegram as well, and It'd be great to make some new furry pals...