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  1. J

    Teletubbies Debate

    So, a friend and I are locked in an intense battle of the minds. I argue that the Teletubbies' god (the sun) rewards their worship by sending pleasing visuals to their antennas to be displayed on their stomachs, but my friend insists that they're literally just sentient televisions. Is my...
  2. F

    Annoying commercials

    What commercial do you find the most annoying... for me it would be the "We buy any car" commercials
  3. DLewis28

    What are some of your favorite Christmas specials?

    Are their any TV specials you enjoy watching each Christmas?
  4. Water Draco

    UK obsession with TV soaps, harmful to wellbeing?

    This is something I have been pondering. With the UK prime time soaps there seems to be nothing but screaming, fighting, abuse, bad things happening, relationships being treated as disposable. Even the nicest characters end up being twisted. These TV programs used to be allocated to there...
  5. pupsicle-c

    What's Your Favorite Kind of Genre?

    I'm mostly curious about movies, television shows, and short films. What kind of genre is most likely to catch your eye? Mystery? Horror? Romance? Action/Thriller(s)? Fantasy/Sci-Fi? I personally am a huge sucker for Romance and Mystery, with a side of Action/Thriller and maybe a dash of Horror!
  6. SirGavintheFurred

    What's your favorite Movie and TV show?

    Title says it all! What is your favorite movie and/or TV show? You can have more than one! Here are mine! My favorite movie is easily Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back! Everything about it was awesome! The Hoth battle with the AT-ATs and the Snowspeeders, everything on Cloud City, and Luke's...
  7. Water Draco

    Furry, mascot, not or other (bit of fun)

    I have done a search and could not find a forum thread on this on so hopefully not repeating this. Also although TV related I kind of thought this is the place to post it in the forum, hopefully. Anyway this is a bit of fun looking at characters portrayed in popular media by actors. Here we go...
  8. C


    Who's excited for Shark Week 2017?! Have you guys seen the new ad for it? It's so funny!
  9. Impulse-8

    Guilty Pleasure Show?

    Figured I'd ask this question as I'm bored and curious at the moment: Do you happen to have a show you watch/watched a lot fairly frequently that you know isn't technically great but are entertained by anyways? Mine would have to be the Pokemon anime, specifically, the first two seasons. Yeah...
  10. JoeStrike

    Can anyone help me with my 'Bojack Horseman' problem?

    As a card-carrying fur, I should love this show - so many people do, it's popular with non-furs and furs alike: a world where humans and anthro animals co-exist... but it depresses me so horribly I can't bear to watch it! Watching neurotic people (and anthros) f*cking up their own and each...
  11. TidesofFate

    Legendary Entertainment acquires rights to Dune

    So Legendary Entertainment has the film and television rights to Dune now. Adaptation of the first Dune book #3, 2nd adaptations 2nd and 3rd books, and first times beyond those here we go. Assuming they get that far. I've read the book, watched the David Lynch movie, and saw the miniseries...