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  1. K

    Template Sale!

    I have some highly useful ref sheet templates available! SB: $15 Min: $10 AB:$30 (www.furaffinity.net: P2U Mega Ref Sheet Template Sale-Super Customizable by KinkiJayArts SB: $20 Min: $15 AB:$40 SB: $25 Min: $20 AB:$45 If you're interested in any of these please either reply here or...
  2. Dark Shadoan

    Seeking Coloring/Alterations for a Template Lineart (Closed)

    Exactly as stated. I'm looking for an artist willing to color in a template lineart drawn by another artist whom has given free permission for said template to be colored in with adjustments done to said lineart so long as their signature is NOT removed. Compensation can be discussed but I...
  3. Ryuu Girl

    Royalty-Free Art Price Sheets

    I created free templates that available for download at no-cost on my patreon! These are for up and coming artists who don't have a proper display of their services and product prices! Ryuu Girl is creating Art | Patreon