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  1. MysticMerle

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Cheap commissions open

    Hey! I'm a young artist trying to save up for a place of my own, and I'm able to draw almost all kinks and species. Some things I specialize in are transformation, hypnosis, inflation, vore, tentacles, and more. You can see examples of my work at furaffinity.net/user/nuskalion My current...
  2. thegremlindraws

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Sea Creature Mermaids, Batch of 6

    FA link with TOS. 55usd each, paypal only <3
  3. killiansatoru

    (Base/YCH) Selling: ($55+) (NSFW) commissions [6 SLOTS OPEN]

    YCH :cool: $55 - any species - any gender - paypal - payment after sketch (you can immediately) EXAMPLES
  4. roggiyoggi

    (Base/YCH) Selling: [NSFW][45$+] ♡♡♡ TENTACLE YCH + X-RAY [2 types] [OPEN] ♡♡♡

    [NSFW] TENTACLE YCH + X-RAY [1] [NSFW]TENTACLE YCH + X-RAY [2] ♡♡♡Any gender. Any species♡♡♡ SB: sketch line + flat color + simple shade-light >60$: full line + simple color + shade-light AB: full line + full color + background + full shade-light Only paypal. After your commission is...
  5. 0

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Selling SFW And Super NSFW Art Commissions! (20$ to 40$)

    So, I'm officially off work for a month without knowing when I'll be back. That gives me LOTS of time to do art. I'm offering some commissions with some pretty fast turn around time. Most can be done within 24 to 48 hours unless stated other wise. I'm accepting USD currency with Paypal only...
  6. DunRyok

    Art Trade: NSFW Free YCH lottery 2020

    Launched NSFW FREE yuch lottery, on the theme of vore tentacles, hurry to participate. The final result promises to be very sexy = 3 www.furaffinity.net: Free YCH lottery 2020 by DunRyok P.s. Read the terms of participation carefully !!!
  7. Sephiroth120

    Hiring: Animator for NSFW commission, Budget: $300+

    Hello there, I'm looking for a NSFW artist/animator willing to do a piece that'll be around 30 seconds long, possibly 40. My budget can go beyond $300, even somewhere in the 1000's if necessary, permitted that I'm allowed a payment plan as we go through the project. Must be comfortable with...
  8. ditta_ragdoll

    Free Art: ~Tentacles~

    Hi, hi! I'm playing about with doing more free range smut and I need more willing victims! Most of my friend circle has subjected themselves to it, and I need fresh holes! IF you want to subject your Sona to something lewd, come hit me up! I'm building up material to make my own artist tag on...
  9. Mytho_Meadows

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH-Tentacles~ $12 USD

    There are two options! I can change the gender if need be! Though males are not my specialty. >: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Price: $12 USD Comment or Note Me! <3 I am most comfortable with human/humanoids but I will gladly give my hand at anthros >3< Option A: Deep Inside Option B: Fill Me Up Art©...
  10. Vina the Bat

    Overgrown (Vore and tendrils roleplay starter)

    It was a dank, hot summer day. And it was even hotter and more moist inside the abandoned greenhouse deep in the woods of this setting. It was overgrown with an abundance of exotic plants, varying from colorful flowers to intricate, alien-looking ferns. But among the green chaos was a plant that...
  11. Kisu Composer

    Hiring: Artist For 2 Character NSFW Piece (Tentacle x Femboy) 80 USD

    So I am looking for an artist to handle an NSFW piece for me with my tentacle character and a femboy character of another user. My character is Your Buddy seen here: www.furaffinity.net: New Ref Sheet For Your Buddy, Now With Saint Maw! by KisuComposer Ref is SFW, more examples available upon...
  12. justsmith

    (Commission) Selling: Tentacle YCH auction! Starting at $10

    www.furaffinity.net: ych - messy tentacles. by justsmith happy bidding!
  13. PHorror

    (NSFW) Witch with tentacles. Halloween Ych!

    I have just create an Ych auction with Halloween theme (*¯︶¯*) There is the witch sitting on the pentagram and summoning a demon. Big moon, city landscape, magic and tentacles xD What can be better ahah) Any gender, any species) Here is the link were you can find it) www.furaffinity.net...
  14. SatynaPaperArts

    tentacles YCH open! NSFW

    Hi guys! I want to show you my new YCH. ANY species! ANY gender! BID HERE: www.furaffinity.net: tentacles YCH open! by SatynaPaper Colour examples:
  15. KrissySempaiArt


    SB : $20 MI : $1 AB : $40 Only one will be completed upon auction end . Auction ends Feb 10th . Progress shots will be sent and finished product will be finished before or day of Valentines Day . Paymet must be received no later than 12 hours after auction end , or second best bid gets the...
  16. Simo

    Tentacle Time : )

    So, do you like tentacles in furry art, find them disturbing, or take more of a neutral stance? Me, I recall the first time that I saw them, I was pretty amazed, and found them very...appealing. I had never imagined such a thing. But then I noted that the whole idea was nothing new, or unique...
  17. mechanicalrain

    YCH Monster/Tentacle NSFW 3 Slots

    Hey guys! I've got a new YCH up for those who are interested, featuring monster + tentacles + your character! VERY NSFW Rules; * Any gender * Must be bipedal * No Hyper * Any species, furry or human * Bidders must be 18+, character may be 15+ Bidding starts at 50$ USD. Auction ends in ONE...
  18. ProblematicPossum

    YCH's : February Slots

    Hi all! I've got some new YCH's for February, I know it isn't hunting season [or tentacle season] but those are some of the themes I've got going on! All are NSFW : Trapped [2 Slots Available] : www.furaffinity.net: YCH : Trapped : [2 Slots Available] by ProblematicPossum Trouble with...
  19. Okami-sama

    New Image Pack Available! (NSFW)

    I recently completed an image pack alongside fellow artist, Argoth. The content is 18+/NSFW, $5. If interested, you may find more details here: www.furaffinity.net: Jelli Spektrum Volume III is here! by Okami-sama
  20. RoaringFlameCat

    Venasaur YCH vines/tentacles NSFW

    Hello everyone~ I got a YCH that is in need of three players! Starting bid is only $10 with room for extra goodies the higher the bids go! NSFW link ahead! So away we go! www.furaffinity.net: Venasaur YCH Starting bids, $10 by Roaring-Flame-Cat Please keep all bids in the link, as bids here...