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terms of service

  1. Aimlesswaves

    ToS Question

    I sent in a trouble ticket about the same thing, but I don't need any action taken, just an admin response really, so I figured I'd post here as well. I'm filing for the k1 visa, and one thing they request is sending the ToS of the site you met your fiance on, to make sure that it is not an...
  2. hansourwolf

    Question: about collaboration account

    Hello, guys! Im new here and I have a question. Maybe I didn’t see something in the 'Terms of Service' if this is so - just tell me about it :) Me and my wife want to create collaboration account on this service for two of us. Will it abuse the rules of the service? Well, sorry for my english XD
  3. N

    Journal Edits

    Was curious if there was any way of seeing past versions of Journals, since some users use those as a place to put their Terms of Service, and having the power to change or edit those at their discretion could lead to problems.
  4. M

    Painting Commission (starting at $15)

    TERMS OF SERVICE Hello, thanks for choosing Mshy, here is the terms of service for my painting commissions. (an example of my work) General info: I reserve the rights to refuse any commission if it goes against my terms You must provide a reference sheet I only make female and...
  5. MaverickHunterDBoy

    Paypal's Terms of Service Update and FurAffinity

    I learned from another FA user that Paypal's Terms of Service will be updated come Oct. 19th of this year. I'm just wondering how it'll affect those who do commissions here. Anyone check them out to see if these will be of any concern?