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  1. Kyanani

    Any texas furs going to fwa?

    Looking into a plane ticket but if anyone is roas tripping there I wouldn't mind going and making new friends!
  2. Kiwibat

    New to the Furry Community!

    I'm not to sure where to start at all but hello there! I guess I will start with a little bit about myself? I am an artist who LOVES to draw bats and griffins, I absolutely adore nintendo games specifically Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda, and I am also from the Texas area! ANYWAY I...
  3. S

    Has Houston ever had a fur conventions?

    Is there never been one held at all if so let me know. Dallas is very far and my step aunts family lived there most of her family side.
  4. ReeseCapeesh

    I'd like to make some fur friends! ^^

    I want to make some friends so.... online is okay, if it's all that I've got, but it'd be super cool if some of you are local. ;w; I live in Sugar land, TX (greater Houston area) if anyone lives close by. I am an anime fan before a furry, and an artist before everything. :D I love music, its...
  5. T

    Any texans on here?

    I'll be moving back to Texas in about a year from now, I'm wondering if anyone on here lives in the NE corner of Texas. Let alone, live in Dallas. Just tell me, please, I need friends.
  6. Poots The Fox

    Texas Furs?

    Here we go. So I am curious as to know about how many furs live in texas. I am moving there soon and one day hope to meet with people instead of keeping it to myself.
  7. Cuzi

    Oni-con 2017 Galveston Texas Oct 27th - 29th.

    I know this isn't a furry specific convention but there are plenty that do attend. I was wondering a few things that subsequently drove me to create this post. Do any of you happen to be attending the convention? And does anyone happen to know of a Telegram, or Discord group that exists for...
  8. Cercus


    Checking out the FA forums. I've been a member of FA on and off since 2010 and the forum scene even longer. I go by Cercus on FA, DeviantArt and a few other places. HeadlessCercus on tumblr because some nincompoop already had, and doesn't use I might add, my name. I'm a Pagan and consider...
  9. Lisyonok_Fox33

    Hello! New fur here and need advice :)

    Hello, everyone! :D I've recently joined the fandom after getting interested a couple of months ago. And I'm loving it already. :) Right off the bat, I have a question. How do I make friends in the fandom?lol Obviously this question is not simple to answer, but let me continue. I'm 19 and...
  10. T

    Looking for a Roommate in San Antonio, Texas

    Hiya, this is Ikari, the fursona of a certain human, here to help attempt to find a roommate for the poor guy I call my player. Currently he is on his way home from boot camp, with a whole lot of nothing planned. Currently he is set to be once more living in his father's basement. "I don't...
  11. Tattle


    hi, i'm tattle. i'm n-- oh, what, you already know that i'm new? how'd you find out? is it because i'm posting in this board? aren't you smart. heugheugh, ok. in all seriousness. i am not only new to this forum but i am fairly new to being involved with the furry community. i have considered...
  12. fangneonpaw

    Hello from Fang Neonpaw the wolf.

    Hello everyone Fang here just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 22 live in Texas (Dallas area) I'm a wolf fur and I'm semi new to this forum. I used to be a big forum poster and I'm trying to get back into the groove of things (forum wise). So respond to this post for nice conversation.