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the elder scrolls

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    Hiring: The elder scrolls themed commission

    Hello yall. I was wondering is here any The elder scrolls game fans and would be interested drawing art piece of it. To be precise I was looking to get art piece from The elder scrolls online game with my khajiit character and companion her companion Ember. This would be sfw action piece. I'm...
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    Xbox One furries?

    I got away from xbox due to personal issues, but my friend Jeremy/Dar'rassi @Jkitty almost has wifi, and is looking for fur friends. He would've posted this himself, but he forgot his login info. If you're interested, add him and he'll add you eventually. Here's more info. (Xbox one) Gamertag...
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    Elder Scrolls Thread

    Despite recent missteps by Bethesda TSO still remains as one of my favorite franchises. There's nothing similar to what they offer and the lore is pretty crazy and interesting. So, how about we talk about: Favorite entries Lore you love Interesting quests Favorite characters Things you...