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theme songs

  1. TyraWadman

    What's Your Themesong?

    You only get to pick one!!! If you really can't decide on one, then feel free to post two and maybe FAF can help settle on one!
  2. potato-kun

    What would your fursona's theme song be?

    for me it'd be this : im rlly into j-rock and this pretty much fits my pretty chill nature.
  3. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Favorite childhood theme song question

    Posted here by permission from Wcher999 of DeviantArt Wcher999 User Profile | DeviantArt : What TV show theme song from your childhood still puts a smile on you face even today? Here are a few of mine:
  4. Ambriel

    Post a picture of your main fursona(s), and their theme song!

    I'll start. This is Ambriel And this is the song I most associate with him!
  5. Lexiand

    Give a theme song to the furry above you

    Instead, you giving yourself a theme song. Let's give each other a theme song