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  1. T

    Main Site Furaffinity: Can I block tags? (ANSWERED)

    Hello, I have a question. I want to be able to block themes, am I able to do that? Because there is some artwork that I block the tag, but sometimes it is themed that way, not tagged that way, and it makes browsing unpleasant, knowing that, even if I block every keyword, someone without the...
  2. Miles Marsalis

    Is Furry Fiction Science Fiction or Fantasy By Default?

    I've read some fiction with anthropomorphic characters over the past few months, both house-published or self-published, and realized that all of the titles are filed under science fiction and fantasy. However, in the self-published furry fiction I've read, the stories would largely be...
  3. Reserved_Krolik

    Inktober! Post here!

    I gotta get to work on mine... This year, I cobbled together a list of prompts from some random generators.