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theoretical question

  1. I

    How will we treat future AI?

    We have all seen movies and read books regarding futuristic AI beings with incredibly complex emotions, free will, and self awareness. They can seem convincingly human when interacting with them, and can cause us to emit the same emotions we feel as we do with fellow human beings or intelligent...
  2. Blaab

    On the subject of anatomy as it relates to speech and language: Anatomically correct language.

    For some time I have had the idea of making a language for a fictional race of beings, however, I have wanted that language to not only be pleasing to the ears and be interesting, but also realistic as well. The major problem however with that is the fact that anatomy matters greatly...
  3. E

    Would Weres Count as Furries?

    Weres being like werewolves, werebears, etc etc. And like, I get that if weres actually existed they could be part of the furry fandom if they wanted to be. In fact, they'd probably love it since they have a built-in fur suit and no one would judge them at cons. In fact, modern times does a lot...