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  1. Xitheon

    Wtf is the deal with Therians?

    I am awkward and weird and I often feel I relate more to certain animals than I do to humans. I'm pretty convinced that this is a symptom of mental illness and social isolation, but I have explored the possibility that I have the soul of an animal. I once delved into the idea that I was a snake...
  2. Kit the fox

    Being therian..

    Bruh I just purred.. I'm not even kidding.. I did it without even know it... Do foxes pur..? But, like just today my mom told me to do the laundry and I whined like a dog subconsciously then I turned it into a tune because I didn't want my parents to know I'm a furry (or a therian). It's its...
  3. Kit the fox

    I need advice

    Well...I just found out I'm therian... Oof. I mean, like I haven't told my family I'm a furry yet and now I have another large burden to hold back! How should I break the news to my family
  4. O

    A thread for those of us who are not human

    As people who participate in this community, we get together, talk, and try to have a good time. But how often do we really talk about what brings us together in the first place? Some of us, since an early age, have always felt that who we truly are inside is not the human being people see...
  5. theMichiru

    Joined the Site awhile ago, but New to the Forums!

    Hey Nerds! (I call everyone that, even myself) I Joined the Site back in 2015 but never got around to Joining the Forums. I don't really have many friends on the Site so I was hoping to find some. I'm a bit new to the furry fandom but want to research therian more. Hopefully I'll get around to...
  6. PD_Cyber

    New in the community

    Hey all, I am PD_Cyber, actually you can just call me Cyber. I'm not completely comfortable with the term 'furry' yet, but I think I could consider myself a furry. I've been a furry for about only 2 years, and i haven't been active in the community about at all. This is the first time I reach...
  7. Xochimutl


    Olà! :) My name is Xochimutl (which means "flower bird"). I am a prospective college student from Germany. Currently, I am working as a seller in foodcrafts in a bakery store. If everything should come out well, I'll study German and English with the objective of a certification as a teacher at...
  8. Ulknudel

    Mango Smoothies

    Hello! I thought I could try this place out since I've tried a German forum and made bad experiences but good ones with an international one. So, here's my introduction. NAME My name is Jennifer but my friends and family just call me Jenny. I prefer the short form as well. AGE I am 21 years...
  9. JoeStrike

    What kind of furry are you?

    UPDATE: I just fixed the poll to allow for multiple entries, which some people below had suggested... Hi, it's your friendly neighborhood greymuzzle again... I'm writing Furry Nation, the first book tracing our fandom's birth and growth and connecting it to the human instinct that's been...
  10. RileyTheOtter

    Finally decided to Introduce myself

    For those of you who've seen me around (usually the rp forum) you'd know a bit about me. For those of you who don't, I'm abyssalrider. My fursona was previously a Dragonhound (dragon-wolf hybrid) now it is a Tiger-Wolf hybrid with wings. Both my fursona and I share interests in archery, hiking...
  11. Wolf_Daughter

    Therian Nation Educational Youtube Channel

    Hey. I just thought this might be a good place to share a project that I've been working on for a few months. A lot of time and research goes into the episodes. The information and scripts are also peer-reviewed by long-time members of the Therian community. Presentation is mature and...