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  1. MiroTheFox

    Do thicc Thighs Save Lives?

    I think yes. What about you?
  2. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: Sona!!

    I have a description and some stuff someone did in Second Life for my new Sona! Please let me know if you're going to do her, anything works! Melissa is a 6'3 tall dragoness that weighs around 240 lbs. She has a DD cup bust that borders an E cup. Her hair is messy, but not unruly, and parts to...
  3. .wav

    A E S T H E T I C trying out different color schemes

  4. F

    Looking for a fatal, 18+ Adult, M/M vore rp starring Spyro's Dragon Dads

    I am into a lot of detail and stuff, but I am prey as heck. I usually play on discord, but also eka's, f-list, and maybe sofurry, and have some pretty hardcore stuff in mind. Stuff I can't detail here. DM for details, and / or add me on discord: Jett Cabino#7300 Or ask for any of my other...
  5. Angelcakes

    Um, wow....Whittaker be thicc, yo.

    This is an animation test by Sam Fennah. Fennah is the writer/director/animator/star of Satellite City. He's got several characters like this, and the series is freaking AMAZING.
  6. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: Shark gorl!!

    Hey! I have a shark gal, Ty, I'm wanting to have done! She normally wears a loose, off the shoulder shirt, black, tight jeans, and black combat boots. Below are her color codes and picture! #6B6B6B - inner body skin #F578DE - outer body skin #9C3A8A - markings #212121 - hair, fades into...
  7. Baka Store

    (Commission) Selling: CHARACTER DRAWING MID-BODY 15 USD (B&W ONLY)

    Any Kind of character you like , Tv Show character, OC, FC, etc. I can draw it, just inking and dettails in black and white. Since the head until thighs (Example image of my work below) -No background -Just one character for drawing, if you want an additional character in the piece will be an...
  8. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: Looking for new fursona: Half dragon half shark!

    Hey! I have more specification for what I want in my new fursona now. She's tall, about 7'11, with F cup breasts (they look like D cups due to her height), she's really thicc, her body is that of a dragon's, but her tail and head are a shark's. She has long horns that curve back, and her colors...
  9. waifupanda

    Commission (Selling): $25 USD - $75 USD commissions open!

    I'm open for commissions ^w^! I'm trying to reach the goal of $80 by the end of the day! If you're interested please comment below with your character ref or feel free to pm me! I design characters and draw them as well uwu! waifupanda.weebly.com: Prices here are a full sheet of my prices as...
  10. waifupanda

    $35 Set Price Adoptables 3/3 open!

    aaa as Furaffinity has been down for a while I haven't been able to post these adoptables to sell and I urgently needed to post these so in the meantime I'll post them here uwu! Please don't claim an adoptable if you don't already have the funds to! Thank you! set price for each adoptable is...
  11. Keo the Catbee

    Free Art: (SFW!!!!) Let me draw your thicc/chunky sona's!

    OWO Hi there I am Keo The Catbee! I am looking to further my art skills in body types :) So give me your thicc bois and gurls and i'll draw em' to the best of my ability! This will be in traditional art, so if you want it mailed to you, I can do it for free, however I will have to fold the...
  12. NikoyoDraws

    (Commission) Selling: Designing anthropomorphic and furry characters| Bara| cute| Thick |Nsfw

    Hey! I love drawing and I’m excited to draw your characters and even design characters for people!! Pm me on here or email me at nikoyo.artist@gmail.com If you wanna get in touch with me the fastest, it’s best to email me!! I do head to shoulder, head to knees or full body drawings coloured...
  13. NikoyoDraws

    (Commission) Selling: Cute OC’s, NSFW, SFW $20+

    Hey!! So I’m taking commissions right now, I’m not able to upload too many photos on here but this is the basic commissions I do!! (Check out the uploaded photo) My furaffinity account is YonikoDraws If you’re interested comment below or email me at nikoyo.artist@gmail.com I do cute stuff...
  14. SalemBitchTrials

    Cheap Commissions! [$5-$20]

    Headshot Full Color DIGITAL: $5 Additional Character: +$3 Thigh-Up Flat Color DIGITAL: $5 Full Color TRADITIONAL: $5 Full Color DIGITAL: $10 Additional Character: +$5 Background: +$10 Full Body Flat Color DIGITAL: $10 Full Color TRADITIONAL: $10 Full Color DIGITAL: $20 Additional Character...
  15. A

    New here!

    Hello, im rather new in FA. So, you see, after almost a year since i started drawing, i created an account and started taking comissions for free (still doing it) mostly macro stuff (thicc too :x). Ill leave my Fa account and some drawings i made here, Feel free to send me a pm if you want me...
  16. A

    A random comic

    Hello! Well, ive been just doing this thing for fun, also i wanna improve at doing comics and story telling. So, hope you like the first pages! I still havent figured out a title to it, it will come in a while i hope. So, there you have it! www.furaffinity.net: A random comic 1/? by ArtSpam