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  1. Vishunei

    [M4A] Inquiring/Prowling For A Noir, Crime, Or Drama-based RP.

    Good morning/evening; never thought I'd find myself here. Life does often surprise us, for better or worse. Anyhow, as the title suggests, I'm searching for those interested or fond of these genres. I feel a noir setting would be very suitable/complimentary for my character. I feel themes of...
  2. LizardKing05

    Candy and Fruit you HATE

    I saw a thread about "Candy You Love" and got the idea for this thread from that. I want to know 1 type of Candy + 1 Fruit you hate and why. Also post a pic if you want, I wanna see it :) I have a personal hatred for Licorice candy and cantaloupe. Licorice tastes like candy if it were made...
  3. Seph


    So I’ve seen the Deer Appreciation Thread, the Raccoon Thread, but where’s the appreciation for the dogs? I’ll tell you where it is, right here. So post dogs or something idk.
  4. D

    Early and Ancient civilizations and peoples thread

    I find early communities fascinating, not just Egypt, Mayan, and Greece and Rome, but cultures and communities that existed everywhere in the world too. Use this thread to share ancient tribes, people, groups, or civilizations you think are interesting, or that you are descended from. Be...
  5. KD142000

    Forum Where does my thread belong?

    Hello Apologies if I missed something in the guidelines for The Creative Arts section, but I'm unsure of where to post my thread I have planned. I would assume it belongs in the Art & Illustration section, since it concerns art, but it is also an advertisement for participants in group art and...
  6. FluffyShutterbug

    Lynx Appreciation Thread

    These XL kitties need some appreciation.
  7. N

    Any reason I can't post a thread in the art sales section?

    (Assuming this thread will post). I've been trying to post a thread for a YCH sale in the arts sales section the entire day and am constantly getting an error that says "a server error occurred". I've tried changing the title, the tags, shortening the description, and literally nothing is...
  8. Thrashy

    The "My first drawing of a Furry" - Thread

    Hi there :) I've recently been bored, and I found this video, on how to start drawing Furries: Now I see a lot of people, who say stuff like: "I can't draw. Impossible!" Well, I was one of them :p But as boredom and curiosity both grew harmoniously, I thought, why not give it a try? So I...
  9. Bluefiremark II

    Compliment the user above you!

    As the title says- compliment the person above you. Try to be unique about it, find the craziest, maybe nicest thing you can say to someone- or be funny about! Whatever you want to write so long as you're complimenting the person above you! I'll start. Title, since you're the thing above me...
  10. A

    Meet Local Furries

    At the suggestion of a fellow forum user, I have decided to create a thread that I hope will see success. If you are interested in meeting local furries, please fill out the following while keeping any additional details to private messages. See a comment, send a message, and see where things...
  11. A


    Being the young squirrel I am, I've only reached the age of really being aware of the world around me within the past couple of years, so the following may have always been an issue. I've been noticing a push against any and all negativity in the last couple of years, with even warranted...
  12. I

    Haiku Thread

    I really like Haiku poems. There easy but incredibly diverse in possibilities. Why not make a thread about them. Make a Haiku and post it here for everyone to see and enjoy. Remember, Five syllables, then seven, then five again.
  13. Cawdabra

    How many Discord servers are you in?

    I'm currently in 6. I don't know how people deal with much more than that.
  14. connortheskunk

    Thread for Lovers of Present Perfect Tense

    I always love using present perfect tense when I write. It sounds so much better than past simple tense. For those that don't know, past simple tense is just the normal past tense that you learned in school. "She went to the store." Present perfect tense is like simple past tense; they both...
  15. Voodooracer84

    Any Mona fans online?

    Hello there and welcome back. I just got done faving two Mona pics by Speeds and I was wondering if there are any Mona fans online?. I'm a huge fan of Mona from the WarioWare series and I even have her as my waifu of choice. However, there doesn't seem to be that many Mona fans here on...
  16. A

    Inspiration Music

    Post links to music that inspires you, for when you draw or write for example --- ^ For pieces with a bittersweet flavour to them