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  1. Simo

    Would you tickle the footpaws (hooves, &c.) of the furry above you?

    Pretty self-explanatory...add whatever details suit your fancy.
  2. K

    Request: sfw paw tickling art request

    So last year I found this really cute animated european tv series called Ernest and Celestine which is based on a series of books and there is also a movie from 2012 which I have yet to see. Basicly it's about a little cute mouse named Celestine and her friendship with a bear called Ernest and...
  3. Simo

    Would you tickle the furry above you?

    OK, another silly thread, where simply by posting...you're asking for it :P Give details if ya like & have fun :) Guess I'm first!
  4. idekam

    Tickle RP

    Looking to rp with someone either in Discord or here. I have mostly teen characters, which are all either cats, dogs, wolves or fennecs, but also have several other species of different ages (just ask). Hmu if interested.
  5. TeeGeeTea

    Looking for tickle RP partners

    Hiya! I'm looking for some 'lees to do a tickle/nsfw rp with. I like including tickling, bondage and other stuff that we can discuss in rp's, my main stipulation is that you are fine with playing the 'lee and that the characters you rp as are female. hmu if interested :)
  6. Izzy4895

    Should all skunks be tickled?

    Everyone knows that skunks are cute and fluffy, yet the apodictic mountain of evidence indicating that they are even cuter while being tickled is apparently a book sealed with seven seals. Have you ever seen a skunk break out in peals of uncontrollable laughter after tickling his/her foot-paws...
  7. Simo

    Poll: Ticklex Cream/Spray: A new product to make people ticklish!

    I recall talking about this idea with a furry friend: inventing a cream or spray, then when applied, would make a person very sensitive to being ticklish, even if they weren't, and which would make a ticklish person even more so. I think it'd be a great product, and one I'd most certainly buy...
  8. Simo

    Are you ticklish, and do you like to be tickled?

    Me, I'm very ticklish, and I like to get into tickle fights, even if I lose. I love that feeling of out of control laughter. My mate is not very ticklish at all, only in a few spots, and he gets crabby if I try and tickle him. But I like the feeling, and have always wondered why it exists. I...